Using EBL ebooks

Unfortunately ebooks on the EBL platform are not available for use in our libraries by alumni, community borrowers, & ULANZ members, or members of the public.

EBL display

  • By default EBL books open in Image view, which allows scrolling. If text is being chopped off, switch to PDF view in the EBL top toolbar, and use the arrow buttons to move through the pages.

Printing and Copying

  • EBL has built-in restrictions on the number of pages which can be printed or copied. Printing is limited to 20% of the book, and copying to 5%. Similar restrictions apply when you read ebooks offline.
  • The EBL system manages these allowances on the fly. Remaining print/copy balances can be viewed for each ebook on the Details tab in the Online Reader. The EBL Print Screen will also tally your remaining print balance while you print.

Read Online / Download for offline reading

  • Downloads from EBL expire after 1-7 days, depending on the period of the loan.
  • Use Read Online if you're using a Library or ICT Access Lab computer, or any computer shared by others.
  • The Download option is only viable if you are using your own computer or device. You first need to install Adobe Digital Editions on a computer, and to set up an Adobe ID. This Adobe ID may only be used from 6 computers/devices

Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe ID

  • Adobe Digital Editions is free software that runs on your desktop or laptop (OSX, Windows or Linux).
  • To download to a laptop or PC, download Adobe Digital Editions, and then create an Adobe account (.You can create your Adobe ID when prompted within Adobe Digital Editions, or go here (, select “My Adobe” in the top-right corner, then “My Adobe ID”)
  • You need only provide a name, country, and e-mail address. Note that you create an Adobe ID from a web browser. Once you’ve received confirmation the Adobe ID is created, then you may close the browser and return to Adobe Digital Editions, and enter the Adobe ID and password you created.
  • Adobe Digital Editions help pages and Technical requirements

Downloading to a device

  • To download a book or chapter directly to a device via Wifi, you need only an Adobe ID and to install the free Bluefire Reader (Apple and Android) or Aldiko Reader (Android). The first time you use the app, you will need to authorise it with your Adobe ID.
  • You may also download to Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, then transfer the file to the Bluefire Reader app, or any other supported ebook reader.
  • In addition to these options, all portable devices with browser support can access EBL and Read Online via the web.