Using eBooks @ EBSCOhost


  • The eBooks display only one page at a time. Use the Table of Contents, and the left and right arrows at the bottom of the eBook reader to move through the book.
  • Pages which are blank in the hard-copy of the book will display as blank pages in the eBook.
  • The pages should open in an eBook Viewer window in your browser. If using Firefox, & each single page opens up in a new Acrobat window, try a different browser.
  • Use the Table of Contents list on the left-hand side of the page to select the Chapter you want.
    Expand icon - An Expand icon may be available in the Table of Contents. Double-click to expand and select the Section you wish to view.

Searching, Printing, & Reading

  • Click the Search icon to the right to search the book's text.
  • You may print, or email as a PDF, up to 60 pages. Click the small print / email icons on the right of the eBook Viewer to do this. (The number of pages permitted in a session varies depending on the limits specified by the book's publisher).
  • To read away from your computer, such as on your mobile device, for simplicity we recommend using the email icon to email PDF chapters / sections to yourself and then opening them in your favourite reader app.


There is a timeout of 30 - 35 minutes in EbscoHost.

  • If you click the eBook Full Text link to read an eBook online, the eBook is checked out for 30 minutes.
    If you start a new session, the eBook will not be available until the previous session has ended.
  • If an eBook is left "open" in a browser window but is no longer being used, the eBook becomes available to other users after the last user's EBSCOhost session expires (30 minutes) and the system confirms that they haven't used the title in 5 minutes (for a total of up to 35 minutes).

How do I end my session?

There are no clear "Logout" links in EbscoHost.

  • To logout / properly close a single eBook and make it available to other users, click the Result List, New Search, or Back, links in the top left hand corner of the eBook Viewer. If you've been searching in eBooks @ EbscoHost, New Search and Back at the top of your search results will also logout of any open eBooks.
  • To logout of EbscoHost completely, click the University logo in the top right hand corner. Closing your browser does not close your session in EbscoHost.

For more help, including help for Macs, go to Ebsco Ebooks support, and the eBooks user guide.
No Ebsco Audiobooks available at University of Sydney Library, and downloading content to read on mobile devices not currently available (June 2012)