Google Scholar settings

Although many Google Scholar search results are free on the internet, others require a paid subscription for access.
If you use Google Scholar, ensure you get search results which highlight the resources to which the University of Sydney Library subscribes.
When you do your search, an @ University of Sydney link to the item will then display beside the articles to which we have a paid subscription.

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Start your research via the Google Scholar links on the Library's database lists & guides - this will prompt you to authenticate, and after that you will be able to access the results in the library's collection. (This will show you more "University of Sydney" links in your results than option 2.)
  2. Change the settings in Google Scholar. To do this, Click Settings > Library Links.
    Search for "University of Sydney", then check:
    University of Sydney Library - University of Sydney
    UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - ProQuest Fulltext ( if found )
    Click Save.
    Do your search, and you will be prompted to authenticate when you click a "University of Sydney" link.

Get LibX

LibX is a plug-in for Chrome and Firefox, which lets you quickly search Google Scholar, our catalogue, or CrossSearch.