Medical Library Facilities

The Medical Library is open to staff and students of the University of Sydney. Students of other universities and members of the public are welcome to visit.

Computer access

To access our computers you need to log in with your full barcode number which is on your student card, staff card or library card.

To cater for library users who only want to do quick searches we've set aside four computers. These are all located against the glass wall of the Medical Library Computer Lab, and can be used to search the Library catalogue and databases. Our other 44 computers are not timed. Microsoft Office is standard across these terminals. Information from databases and the Internet can be printed on our 2 networked black-and-white printers, or saved to your USB flash drive.

Wireless access

Wireless access is available in Medical Library if you wish to use your own laptop. Read about setting up wireless access. Wireless printing is only available from a Computer Access Lab.

Discussion Room

Medical has one discussion room, available for booking by students 2 hours per day per group. Bookings are taken at the information desk


All of the Medical Library's computers print to two converted photocopiers networked as black and white printers. When printing, note the name of your computer (at the top of your screen e.g. MED04). Retrieve your printout by following the displayed instructions next to the printer.

Colour Printing is available. Select the Medical_Colour printer whjen printing your documents.


Medical has black and white photocopiers for copying A4 and A3 pages and A4 transparencies.

Paying for photocopying and printing

Medical uses copy cards instead of coins. Copy cards are sold at Medical. Alternatively any card with a magnetic strip (such as a Medicare card or a credit card) can be used as a copy card.

Adding credit to your copy card

You may add credit to your card using a machine in the photocopying room.

More information about photocopying and printing

Printing and photocopying facilities at the University of Sydney Library.