How to use University of Sydney Library services to obtain articles and books

Distance postgraduate students - in Australia and overseas

Register for Document Delivery.

  • Before requesting articles and books you will need to Register online at MyLoans.

Ordering articles and books

  • Please use any university or hospital library in your local area before requesting items.
  • Use links to documents from online course websites (if applicable).
Items held by the University Library.
  • Check the Library Catalogue to find books and journals available in the University of Sydney Library system.
  • To obtain books and journal articles held only in print format use the Document Delivery request forms available at MyLoans

Items not held by the University Library.
  • Titles not in the catalogue should be requested using the Document Delivery Request forms available at MyLoans

Obtaining articles and books

Journal articles
  • Whenever possible we use web delivery, via an email link, to supply articles.
  • Articles in paper format will be mailed to you.

  • Please check the Library catalogue for eBooks.
  • We can photocopy a section of a book as long as it complies with the copyright law.
    We can copy one chapter or 10 percent of a book whichever is the larger protion.
  • If you are located within Australia we can send books . These books will be charged out on your Library card and sent to you through Australia post.
  • Books obtained for you must be returned to the Medical Library, at your expense, by either registered mail or express post.
  • We DO NOT send books to students living outside Australia.