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Nicholson, Evelyn (1867?-1927) Diary of a Trip to Australia: Text

Nicholson, Evelyn (1867?-1927) Diary of a Trip to Australia: Associated Watercolours

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All electronic texts have been prepared by the Scholarly Electronic Texts and Image Service (SETIS) unless stated otherwise. They are available from the Australian Studies Resources, SETIS. The following materials from the Rare Books and Special Collections Library are available as electronic texts.

Australian Federation Debates of the 1890's

Becke, Louis. (1855-1913)
       By Reef And Palm, and Other Stories.

Boldrewood, Rolf [Thomas Alexander Browne] (1826-1915)
       Robbery Under Arms.

Brennan, Christopher (1870-1932)
        A Chant Of Doom and Other Verses

Brennan, Christopher (1870-1932)  
       Burden of Tyre: Fifteen Poems

Brereton, John Le Gay (1871-1933)

       Swags Up!

Brereton, John Le Gay (1871-1933)

       The Burning Marl

Cambridge, Ada (1844-1926)  

       A Sweet Day

Cambridge, Ada (1844-1926)

       The Hand In The Dark

Christie, William Harvey (1808-1873)

       Love Story /by a Bushman

Clacy, Ellen (Mrs. Charles)

       The Diggings

Clarke, Marcus (1846-1881)

       Australian Tales

Deniehy, Daniel Henry (1828-1865)

       Life And Speeches Of Daniel Henry Deniehy

Dennis, C. J. (1876-1938)

       Backblock Ballads and Later Verses

Evans, George Essex (1863-1909)

       Women of the West

Field, Barron (1786-1846)

       The Kangaroo and Other Poems

Foott, Mary Hannay (1846-1918)

       Where The Pelican Builds and Other Poems

Furphy, Joseph (1843-1912)

       Such is Life: Being Certain Extracts From the Diary of Tom Collins.

Gordon, Adam Lindsay (1833-1870)

       Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric

Gordon, Adam Lindsay (1833-1870)

       Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes.

Gordon, Adam Lindsay (1833-1870)

       Miscellaneous Poems.

Harpur, Charles (1813-1868)


Hume, Fergus (1859-1932)

       The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Kendall, Henry (1839-1882)

       Leaves From Australian Forests.

Kendall, Henry (1839-1882)

       Other Poems: 1871-82.

Kendall, Henry (1839-1882)

       Songs From The Mountains

Kingsley, Henry (1830-1876)

       The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn

Lane, William (``John Miller'') (1861-1917)

       The Workingman's Paradise: An Australian Labour Novel.

Lang, John Dunmore (1799-1878)

       D'Entrecasteaux' Channel

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       In The Days When The World Was Wide

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       Joe Wilson and His Mates

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       On The Track

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       Over the Sliprails

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       Verses Popular And Humorous

Lawson, Henry (1867-1922)

       While The Billy Boils

Lawson, Louisa (Dora Falconer)(1848-1920)

       The Lonely Crossing And Other Poems

Leakey, Caroline ("Oline Keese") (1827-1881)

       Broad Arrow: Being Passages From the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer.

McCombie, Thomas (1819-1869)

       Adventures of a Colonist; or Godfrey Arabin the Settler.

McCrae, George Gordon (1833-1927)

      Mamba The Bright Eyed: An Aboriginal Reminiscence

McCrae, George Gordon (1833-1927)

       The Fleet And Convoy and Other Verses.

Maiden, Joseph Henry (1859-1925)

      Flowering Plants and Ferns of N.S.W.

Martin, Catherine (1848-1937)

       Wrecked! and Other Poems

Mills, Ethel

       A Box of Dead Roses

Muskett, Philip E. (d.1909)

       The Art of Living in Australia.

Nicholson, Evelyn Louise (1867?-1927) [prepared by RB staff]

       Diary of a trip to Australia 1897

Parkes, Henry (1815-1896)

       The Beauteous Terrorist and Other Poems

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

      An Outback Marriage

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

      Happy Dispatches

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

       Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Verses

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

       Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

       The Animals Noah Forgot

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

       The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses

Paterson, Andrew Barton (1864-1941)

      Three Elephant Power

Richardson, Henry Handel (1870-1946)

       Australia Felix

Rowcroft, Charles (1798-1856)

       Tales of the Colonies, or, The Adventures of an Emigrant.

Rudd, Steele (A.H.Davis)(1868-1935)

       On our selection

Sinnett, Frederick

       Fiction Fields Of Australia

Stone, Louis (1871-1935)


Tench, Watkin (1759-1833)

       A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson

Tench, Watkin (1759-1833)

        A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay

Wentworth, William Charles (1793-1872)


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