Bibliography of holdings in the Occult sciences, demonology & witchcraft from Rare Books & Special Collections, University of Sydney Library

Compiled by Neil Boness

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General works

De Incertitudinae et vanitate scientiarum declamatio invectiva; qua universailla sophorum gigantomachia plus quam Herculea impugna audacia.
Cologne : Eucharius Cervicornus, 1532.

An Essay on apparitions in which their appearance is accounted for by causes wholly independent of preternatural agencies. New Ed.
London : Longman, 1823.

Alphonso a Castro Zamora
De Impia sortilegarum, maleficarum & lamiarum...
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus.... Lyons: Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

Summa theologica...
Lugduni: Sumpt. Franciscus Comba, 1677.

Theatrum chemicum Britannicum : containing severall poeticall pieces of our famous English philosophers, who have written the hermetique mysteries in their owne ancient language / faithfully collected into one volume, with annotations thereon, by Elias Ashmole. Facsimile ed. Originally published 1652.
Kila, MT: Kessinger, 1991

BACON, Francis
Sylva sylvarum, or, a natural history in ten centuries ...
London : Printed by J.F. and S.F. for William Lee ..., 1664.

BACON, Roger
Frier Bacon his discovery of the miracles of art, nature and magick.
London : Simon Miller, 1659.

BARRETT, Francis
The Magus, or, celestial intelligencer: being a complete system of occult philosophy.
Wellingborough, England : Thorsons Publishers ; New York : Samuel Weiser, [19--].
(Facsimile edition).

An historical, physiological and theological treatise of spirits, apparitions, witchcraftes, and other magical practices ...
London : Printed for D.Browne, 1705.

BOND, John
An essay on the incubus or nightmare...
London : Printed for D.Wilson and T.Durham, 1753.

A Treatise of specters, or, an history of apparitions, oracles, prophecies and predictions.
London : 1658.

BURTON, Richard
The Anatomy of melancholy... 2nd ed.
Oxford : Printed by John Lichfield and James Short for Henry Cruffs, 1624.

CALMET, Augustin
The Phantom world: or a philosophy of spirits, apparitions etc ...
London : Richard Bentley, 1850.

An essay on evil spirits; or, reasons to prove their existence.. 3rd ed...
London : The Author, 1827.

A complete translation of the whole case of Mary Catherine Cadiere, against the Jesuite Father John Baptist Girard, in a memorial, presented to the Parliament of Aix : in which that Jesuite is accused of seducing her, by the abominable doctrines of Quietism, into the most criminal excesses of lewdness.
London : Printed for J. Millan, 1732.

Daemonomastix sive universi operis adversus daemones et maleficos ad verum praesertim exorcistarum concinnati. Tomus tertius.
Lugduni : Sumptibus Claudii Landry, 1621.

DEE, John
A true and faithfull relation of what passed for many years between Dr Dee and some spirits.
New York : Magic Childe Publications, 1992.

DEFOE, Daniel
An essay on the history and reality of apparitions : being an account of what they are...
London : Ronberst, 1727.

DEFOE, Daniel
The Secrets of the invisible world disclosed; or, an universal history of apparitions ... 3rd ed.
London : J.Clarke, 1738.

DE GIVRY, Grillot
Witchcraft, magic and alchemy.
London : Harrap, 1931.

FULLER, Thomas
Holy state and the profane state....
Cambridge : Printed by Roger Daniel for John Williams, 1642.

GERSON, Johannes
Tractatus de erroribus circa artem magicorum & articulis reprobatis.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp.251-279

GERSON, Johannes
Libellus de probatione spirituum...
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus...
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

GODWIN, William
Lives of the necromancers; or, an account of the most eminent persons in sucessive ages who have claimed for themselves, or to whom has been imputed by others, the exercise of magical power.
London : [s.n.], 1834.

GREENE, Robert
Frier Bacon and Frier Bunguy.
Life and complete works of Robert Greene...
London : Printed for private circulation, 1881-1886.

LE LOYER, Pierre
A Treatise of specters or strange sights.
London : Val S. for Matthew Lowndes, 1605.

Mallei maleficarum tractatus aliquot novu ac veteres...
Lugduni : Sumptibus Claudii Landry, 1620.

Dialogus de lamiis & pythonicis mulieribus...
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus...
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

MORE, Henry
Concerning the possibility of apparitions and witchcraft...
London : n.p., 1700.

MORE, Henry
Tetractys anti-astrologia...
London : printed by J.M. for Walter Kettilby, 1681.

PACENSIS, Jacob Simancae
Unicus de lamiis...
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus...
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

PERERIUS, Valentinus
De Magica. De observatione somnorium, et de divinatione astrologica libri tres, adversus fallaces, et superstitiosas artes.
Cologne : Joannes Gymnicus, 1598.

POTTER, Francis
An interpretation of the number 666 : wherein not only the manner ...
Oxford : Printed by Leonard Lichfield, 1642.

SHIPTON, Mother (Ursula)
A true coppy of Mother Shiptons last prophesies : as they were taken from one Joane Waller, in the year of our Lord 1625. Who died in March last, 1641 being ninety foure yeares of age. Of whom Mother Shipton had prophesied that she would like to heare of wars within the kingdome but not to see them. Also predicting other wonderfull events that should befall in this climate and in these times. With two other strange prophesies thereunto annexed.
London : Printed for T.V., [1648?].

SHIPTON, Mother (Ursula)
The Wonderful prophecies of the famous Mother Shipton, the Yorkshire witch...
London : John Fairburn, 1810.

STEWART, William Grant
The Popular superstitions and festive amusements of the Highlanders of Scotland.
Edinburgh : Printed for Archibald Constable and Company ..., 1823.

WAITE, Arthur Edward
Book of black magic and of pacts...
Chicago : De Laurent, 1940.

WAITE, Arthur Edward
The Book of ceremonial magic.
London : Ricker, 1911.

WAITE. Arthur Edward
The Hermetic museum restored and enlarged .. instructing how .. the philosophers stone may be found and held.
London : Watkins, 1953.

WEST, William
First [and second] parts of symboleography.
London : Assignes of John More, 1627-1632.

The Stone of the philosophers...
Toddington : Helios Books, 1964.

WRIGHT, Thomas
Narratives of sorcery and magic...
London : Richard Bentley, 1851.

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ANANIUS, Io. Laurentius (ANANIA, Giovanni Lorenzo)
De Natura daemonium.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ....
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp. 1-164

AUBIN, Nicholas
Histoire des diables de Loudun, ou de la possession des religieuses Ursulines,et de la condemnation & du suplice d'Urbain Grandier, Cure de la meme ville.
A Amsterdam : Aux depens d'Etienne Roger, 1716.

BINET, Benjamin
Traite historique des dieux et des demons au paganisme.
Delft : Andre Voorstadt, 1696.

CASTRO, Alphonsus a Zamorensus
De Impia sortilegarum, maleficarum & lamiarum haeresi, earumq punitione.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp.295-343

COLLIN DE PLANCY, Jacques Albin Simon
Dictionnaire infernal... 4th ed.
Brussels : 1843.

DAHLGREN, Johannes
De Magica daemonia
Lund : 1729.

DAUGIS, Antoine Louis
Traite sur la magie, le sortilage, les possessions, obsession et malefices
Paris : Pierre Prault, 1732.

DEFOE, Daniel
The Political history of the devil. Containing his original. A State of his circumstances ... 3rd ed.
Westminster : Printed for John Brinley et al, 1734.

GILPIN, Richard
Daemonologia sacra, or, A treatise of Satan's temptations : in three parts.
London : Printed by J.D. for Richard Randel, and Peter Maplisden, 1677.

GORICHEN, Henricus de
Tractatus de superstitiosis quibusdam casibus.
Daemonomastix sive universi operis ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1621.

GROSSE, Henning
Magica, seu mirabilium historianum ... imposturis malorum daemonum libri II.
Eisleben : Cura, typis sumptibus Henningi Grossi, 1697.

SINISTRARI, Lodovico Maria
Demonality; or, incubi and succubi; a treatise.
London : 1879.

VILLARS, Nicholas Pierre
Comte de Gabalis, ou, entretiens sur les sciences secretes ...
Amsterdam : chez Pierre De Coup, 1715.

WEYER, Johan
[De Praestigus daemonum]. Histoire disputes et discours des illusions et impostures des diables, des magicians infames, srciers et empoisonneurs...
Paris : Aux bureaux du Progrès médical : A. Delahaye et Lecrosnier, 1885.

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Astrological practice of physick ... directing how to cast forth the said evil spirits out of any one who is possessed ...
London : Printed for Obadiah Blagrave, 1671.

A True narration of the strange and grievous vexation by the Devil, of 7 persons in Lancashire and William Somers of Nottingham ...
London : 1600.

EYNATTEN, S. T. L., R.D. Maximiliani Ab
Manuale exorcismorum: continens instructiones, & exorcismos ad eiiciendos e corporibus obsessis spiritus malignos, & ad quaeuis maleficia depellenda, & ad quascumque infestationes daemonum reprimendas.
Antwerp : Ex Officina Plantiniana, 1619.

The Demon; or, a case of extraordinary affliction, and gracious relief ...
London : The Author, 1822.

JOLLIE, Thomas
The Surey demoniack : or, An account of Satans strange and dreadful actings, in and about the body of Richard Dugdale of Surey, near Whalley in Lancashire...
London : Printed for Jonathan Robinson, 1697.

MENGHI, Girolamo
Flagellum daemonum, exorcismos terribiles, potentissimos, et efficaces ... accessit postremo pars secunda, quae fustis daemonum inscribitur.
Venice : Apud Paulum Baleonium, 1663.

MENGHI, Girolamo
Flagellum daemonum, ad malignos spiritus effigandos de oppressis corporibus.
Daemonomastix sive universi operis ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1621. pp.1-179

MENGHI, Girolamo
Fustis saemonum advirationes formidabiles et potentissimos ad malignos spiritus effigandos de oppressis corporibus humanis complectens.
Daemonomastix sive universari operis ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1621.

OLIVERIUS, Phillipus
Coniuratio malignorum spirituum in corporibus hominii existentium...
Venice : Apud Dominicum de Farris, 1567.

Loca infesta hoc est infestibus ob molestantes daemonorum...
Lugudunum : Apud Iohannem Pillehotte, 1599.

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A Complete history of the Inquisition in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the East and West-Indies: in all its branches, from the origin of it in the year 1163 ...
Westminster : Printed and sold by O. Payne, 1736.

Manuel de l'inquisiteur...
Paris : Champion, 1926.

BURNET, Gilbert
Three letters concerning the present state of Italy, written in the year 1687 ...
London : [s.n.] 1688.

CARENA, Cesare
Tractatus de Officio Sanctissimœ Inquisitionis : et modo procedendi in causis fidei : in tres partes divisus ...
Cremonœ : apud Io. Baptistam Belpierum, 1655.

A History of persecution in four parts ...
London : Printed for J. Gray, 1736.

CLARKE, Samuel
General martyrologie, containing a collection of all the greatest persecutions ...
London : Wiliam Birch, 1652.

EYMERIC, Nicholas
Manual des inquisiteurs; a l'usage des inquisitions d'Espagne et de Portugal ...
Lisbon : 1762.

GOUJET, Claude Pierre
Histoire des inquisitions: ou, l'on rapport l'origine et le progress des tribaunaux...
Cologne : Pierre Martineau, 1769.

History of the inquisition.
London : J. Gray, 1731.

LOCATI, Umberto
Praxis iudicaria inquisitorum ...
Venice : Apud Damionum Zonarum, 1583.

MAGII, Hieronymi Anglarensis
De Equuleo liber posthumous…
Amsterdam : Sebastian Combi & Joannis Lanou, 1664.

Histoire de l'inquisition et son origine
Cologne : Chez Pierre Martineau, 1693.

PARAMO, Ludovicus de
De Origine et progressu offici Sanctae Inquisitionis ...
Madrid : Typographia Regia, 1598.

PIAZZA, Hierom Bartholomew
A Short and true account of the Inquisition and its proceeding, as it is practised in Italy, set forth in some particular cases.
London : William Bowyer, 1722.

PICART, Bernard
The Religious ceremonies and customs of the several nations of the known world ...
London : Printed for Nicholas Prevost, 1731-1739.

RULE, William
The Brand of Dominic: or, the inquisition at Rome...
London : John Mason, 1852.

SARPI, Paolo
Historia della Sacra Inquisitione.
In Serraville : Apresso Fabio Albicocco, 1638.

SARPI, Paolo
The History of the Council of Trent ...
London : Printed by J.Macock for S. Mearne ..., 1676.

TAYLOR, Matthew
England's bloody tribunal, or, popish cruelty displayed ...
London : Printed for J. Cooke, 1776.

Theatrum crudelitatum haereticorum nostri temporis.
Antwerp : Apud Hadrianum Hubert, 1587.

WELD, John
History of the Inquisition : from its origin under Pope Innocent III to the present time : also an interesting account of the private practices of the inquistors, the public form of trials, and modes of torture.
Liverpool : J. Mollisson, 1814.

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ADY, Thomas
A Candle in the dark.
London : 1655 (Facsimile edition. Wichita: Stevens Magic, 1994).

A Collection and abridgement of the celebrated criminal trials of Scotland, from A.D. 1536 to 1784 ...
Edinburgh : Printed for the author by W.Smellie, 1785.

BASIN, Bernard
Opusculum de artibus magiciis ac magnorum maleficiis...
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus...
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

BAXTER, Richard
The certainty of the worlds of spirits : fully evinced by unquestionable histories of apparitions and witchcrafts, operations, voices, etc. : proving the immortality of souls, the malice and miseries of the Devils and the damned, and the blessness of the justified ...
London : Printed for T. Parkhurst ... and J. Salusbury ..., 1691.

BEARD, Thomas
The Theatre of God's judgements, revised and augmented ...
London : [s.n.], 1631.

BEKKER, Balthasar
Le Monde enchante; ou, examen des commons sentiments touchant les spirits, leurnature, leur pouvoir ...
Amsterdam : Chez Pierre Rotterdam, 1694.

BERNARD, Richard
A Guide to the grand jurymen, divided into two bookes. The first, advice before they bring in a bill of witchcraft. In the second, a treatise touching witches.
London : Kyngston, 1627.

Tractatus de confessoribus maleficorum et sagarum, secundo recognitus, & auctior redditus. An, & quanta fides ijs abhihenda sit.
Augustae Trevirorum : Ex Officina Typographia Henrici Bock, 1605.

De la demonomanie des sorciers.
A Anvers : Chez Arnould Coninx, 1586.

An examen of witches: drawn from various trials of many of this sect ... edited by the Rev, Montague Summers.
London : John Rodker, 1929.

BOND, John
Complete guide for justices of the peace, according to the best approved authors.
London : Printed by T.B. for Hannah Sawbridge, 1685.

L'Histoire des imaginations extravagants de Monsieur Oufle, servant de preservatif contre la lecture des livres qui traitent de la magie, du grimoire, des demonaques, sorciers ...
Paris : Duchesne, 1754.

BOULTON, Richard
A Complete history of magick, sorcery and witchcraft...
London : Printed for E. Curll ..., 1715-1716.

BOULTON, Richard
The possibility and reality of magick, sorcery and witchcraft demonstrated …
London : printed for J.roberts, near the Oxford Arms in Warwick Lane, 1722.

BOVET, Richard
Pandaemonium. [1684].Introduction and notes by the Rev. Montague Summers.
Aldington, Kent : Hand & Flower Press, 1951.

BRAGGE, Francis (attrib.)
A Full and impartial account of the discovery of sorcery and witchcraft, practis'd by jane Wenham of Walkerne in Hertfordshire, upon the bodies of Anne Thorne, Anne Street, & ... aslo her tryal ... where she was found guilty of felony and witchcraft, and receiv'd sentence of death for the same...
London : printed for E.Curll, 1712.

The Impossibility of witchcraft : plainly proving from scripture and reason there never was a witch...
London : Printed and sold by J. Baker, 1712.

A Discourse proving by scripture and reason ... that there are witches and how far their power extends to the doing of mischief.
London : Printed by J.M. and sold by John Weld, 1686.

BROSSES, Pierre de
A Treatise of specters or strange sights, visions and apparitions ... also of witches, sorcerers, enchanters and such like.
London : Val. S[immes] for Matt. Lownes, 1605.

[BROWNE, Thomas]
A Tryal of witches at the assizes held at Bury St Edmonds ... 1644. Before Sir Matthew Hale ...
London : Printed for William Shrewsbery, 1682.

CALEF, Robert
More wonders of the invisible world, or The wonders of the invisible world displayed. In five parts...
Printed in London, 1700 and in 1796. Reprinted in Salem, in 1823. In Boston, 1828.

CARPZOV, Benedikt
Practicae novae Imperialis Saxonicae rerum criminalium. Editio Quinta.
Wittenberg : Tobias Mervius, 1652.

Of credulity and incredulity in things divine and spiritual ... as also the business of witches and witchcraft.
London : Printed by T.N. for Samuel Lownds, 1670.

A treatise proving spirits, witches and supernatural observations by pregnant instances and evidences.
London : Brabazon Aylmer, 1672.

A Collection of rare and curious tracts on witchcraft and the second sight : with an original essay on witchcraft.
Edinburgh : Printed for D. Webster, 1820.

COMENSIS, Bernardus (Bernard of Como)
Tractatus de strigibus. Cum annotationibus Francisci Penae.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp. 165-198

The Compleat wizzard ... together with several wonderful instances of the effects of witchcraft.
London : for T. Evans, 1770.

The Triall of witchcraft; shewing the true and right methode of the discovery, with a compilation of erroneous wayes.
London : printed by George Purslowe for Samuel Rand and are to be solde at his shop ..., 1616.

Excerpta antiqua; or, A collection of original manuscripts ...
York, Printed by W. Blanchard, 1797.

DALTON, Michael
The Countrey justice: containing the practice, duty and power of the Justices of the Peace ...
In the Savoy : Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, 1727.

DEL RIO, Martin Antoine
Disquisitionarum magicarum libri sex: quibus continentur accurata curiosum artium, et vanarum superstitionum confutatio.
Coloniae Agrippinae : Sumptibus Hermani Demen, 1679.

The Examination, confession, trial and execution of Joan Williford, Joan Carriden and Jane Hott ... at Faversham in Kent... 1645
A collection of rare and curious tracts relating to witchcraft
London : 1838.

Daemonologia: a discourse on witchcraft as it was acted in the family of Mr Edward Fairfax, of Fuyston, in the county of York.
Harrowgate : R.Ackrill, 1882.

FILMER, Robert
Advertisement to the jurymen of England touching witches.
London : 1680.

A Full confutation of witchcraft ; more particularly of the depositions against Jane Wenham, lately condemned for a witch...
London : Printed for J. Baker, 1712.

England's greivance discovered...
London : Printed for R.Ibbetson and P.Stent, 1655; Newcastle : Reprinted by D.Akenhead, 1796.

A Sermon of the saints judging the world ...
London : Printed for Thomas Dring ..., 1649.

A Dialogue concerning witches and witchcraftes 1593. With an introduction by Beatrice White.
London : Published for the Shakespeare Association by Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, 1931.

A Blow at modern sadducism in some philosophical considerations about witchcraft. And the relation of the famed disturbance at the house of M. Mompesson with reflections on drollery and atheisme.
London : E(lizabeth) Coates for James Collins, 1668.

Essays on several important subjects in philosophy and religion
London : Printed by J.D. for John Baker ... and Henry Mortlock, 1676.

Sadducismus triumphatis: or, a full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions.
London : James Collins, 1681.

GRAINGE, William
Daemonologia: a discourse on witchcraft as it was acted in the family of Mr Edward Fairfax.
Harrowgate : R.Ackerill, 1887.

Tractatus de hereticis et sortilegis, earumque poeni.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp.344-506

GUAZZO, Francisco Maria
Compendium maleficarum/ collected in 3 books from many sources ... showing the iniquitious and execrable operation of witches against the human race...
London : John Rodker, 1929.

HALE, Sir Matthew
A Collection of modern relations of matters of fact concerning witches and witchcraft upon the persons of the people ...
London : for John Harris, 1693.

HALE, Sir Matthew
Pleas of the crown.
London : By the assigns of Richard Atkyns and Edward Atkyns, for William Shrewsbery and John Leigh, 1678.

Melampronea : or, a discourse of the polity and kingdom of darkness: together with a solution of the chiefest objections brought against the being of witches.
London : Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1681.

Hierachie of the blessed angells...
London : Printed by Adam Islip, 1635.

HICKES, George
Ravillac Redivivus: Being a Narrative Of the Late Tryal of Mr. James Mitchel [with] An Account of the Tryal of that most wicked Pharisee Major Thomas Weir, who was Executed for Adultery, Incest and Bestiality [etc.]. Second Edition.
London : Printed for Walter Kettilby . . . in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1682.

History of the witches of Renfrewshire who were burned on the Gallowgreen of Paisley.
Paisley : Printed by J.Newton for John Millar, 1809.

HOPKINS, Matthew
The Discoverie of witches
Summers, Montague
The Discovery of witches: a study of Master Matthew Hopkins, commonly called Witch-Finder Generall; together with a reprint of .... from the rare original of 1647.
London : Cayme Press, 1928.

An historical essay concerning witchcraft with observations upon matters of fact ...
London : R. Knaplock, 1718.

History of the colony of Massachusetts Bay ... 2nd ed.
London : Printed for M.Richardson, 1765-1768.

INSTITORIS, Henricus & SPRENGER, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum, maleficas, & earum haerisim, ut phramea potentissima conterens.
Cologne : Excudebat Joannes Gymnicus, 1520.

INSTITORIS, Henricus & SPRENGER, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum tractatus aliquot novi ac veteres. Opus nunc primum e variis auctoribus in usum.
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620.

INSTITORIS, Henricus & SPRENGER, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum …
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

INSTITORIS, Henricus & Sprenger, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum. Translated, with an introduction and notes by the Rev. Montague Summers.
London : John Rodker, 1928.

JACOB, Giles
The Statute law common-plac'd, or, a second general table to the statutes ...
In the Savoy : Printed by Eliz. Nutt, and R. Colling ... for Bernard Lintot, 1719.

JAMES I, King of Great Britain
Daemonologie : in the form of a dialogue, divided into three books ...
London: Printed by Arnold Hatfield for Robert Waldgrave, 1603.

JOHN, Lord Viscount Dudley & Ward
The law of a justice of the peace and parish officer.
London : 1769.

Eirenarcha, or, Of the office of the iustices of the peace ...
London : Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1610.

[LAMBE, John]
A brief description of the notorious life of John Lambe, otherwise called Doctor Lambe.
Amsterdam : 1628.

LEONUS, Franciscus
Libellus de sortilegiis.
Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1620. pp.280-291

LILLY, William (ASHMOLE, Elias)
The Lives of those eminent antiquaries Elias Ashmole, esquire and Mr William Lilly, written by themselves: containing, first, William Lilly's History of his life and times ...
London : Printed for T. Davies, 1715.

MacKENZIE, Sir George
Lawes and customs of Scotland in matters criminal ...
Edinburgh : Printed by James Glen, 1678.

A Compendious history of the Goths, Swedes and Vandals and other northern nations.
London : By J. Streater, and are to be sold by Humphrey Mosely ..., 1658.

Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus.
Basel : 1567.

MAMOR, Petrus
Flagellum malleficorum.
Daemonomastix sive universari operis ...
Lyons : Claude Landry, 1621.

MASON, James
The anatomie of sorcerie: wherein the wicked impietie of charmers, inchanters and such like, is discovered and confuted.
Cambridge : Printed by John Leggatt, printer to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1612.

MATHER, Cotton
The wonders of the invisible world : being an account of the tryals of several witches lately executed in New-England / by Cotton Mather ; to which is added, A farther account of the tryals of the New-England witches / by Increase Mather.
London : John Russell Smith, 1862.

MATHER, Increase
Remarkable providences : illustrative of the earlier days of American Colonisation...
London : Reeves and Turner, 1890.

MAZZOLINI, Sylvestro
De Strigimagarum, daemonumque mirandis libri tres: una cum praxi exactissima, et ratione formendi processus cintra ipsas, a mendis innumeris quibusscantebant, in hac ultima impressione purgati, & indice locupletissimo illustrati.
Rome : In aedibus populi Romani, 1575.

The Amber witch: the most interesting trial for witchcraft ever known.
London : George Slater, 1849.

The Philosophy of witchcraft.
Paisley : Murray & Stewart, 1839.

NIDER, Johannes
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus...
Lyons : Claude Bourgeat, 1669.

NODE, Pierre.
Declamation contre làerreur execrable des maleficiers, sorciers, enchanteurs, magiciens, devins, & semblables observateurs des superstitions : esquelz pullulent maintenant couuertement en France: à ce que recherche, & punition d'iceux soit faicte, sur peine de rentrer en plus grands troubles que iamais.
Paris : Jean du Carroy, 1578.

PECK, Francis
Desiderata curiosa ...
London : [s.n.], 1723-1735.

PERKINS, William
Discourse of the damned art of witchcraft.
The Workes of that famous and worthy minister of Christ in the Universitie of Cambridge, Mr William Perkins.
London : Printed at London by Iohn Leggatt, printer to the University of Cambridge, 1616-1618.

POTTS, Thomas
The Wonderful discoverie of witches in the countie of Lancaster: with the arraignment and triall of nineteene witches ...
London : Printed by W. Stansby for John Barnes, 1613.

A Prodigious and tragicall history of the arraignment, tryall, confession and condemnation of six witches at Maidstone ... 1652.
A Collection of rare and curious tracts relating to witchcraft...
London : 1838.

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Demonolatry... in three books. translated by E.Ashwin.
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A Treatise of witchcraft : wherein sundry propositions are laide down, plainely discovering the wickednesse of that damnable arte ...
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The Encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology.
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The Discovery of witchcraft: proving that the common opinion of witches contracting with divils, spirits or familiars and their power to kill, torment and consume the bodies of men, women and children ...
London : Printed for Richard Cotes, 1651.

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The Discovery of witchcraft.
London : John Rodker, 1930.

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Letters on demomology and witchcraft addressed to John Lockhart.
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Mallei maleficarum tractaus ...
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A collection of rare and curious tracts relating to witchcraft...
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London : Printed by Jonas Moore, 1677.

Witchcraft farther display'd. Containing I. An account of the witchcraft practis'd by Jane Wenham of Walkerne, in Hertfordshire ... II. An answer to the most general objections against the being and power of witches.
[London] : E.Curll, 1712.

Wonderful discoverie of the witchcraft of Margaret and Philip Flower ... together with the severall examinations and confessions of Ann Baker, Ioan Willimot and Ellen Greene, witches in Leicestershire.
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Grimoires & spellbooks

Al Azif (The Necronomicon).
Philadelphia : Owlswick Press, 1973

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Fourth book of occult philosophy...
Gillette, N.J. : Heptangle Books, 1985.

Ars Notaria : the notary art of Solomon the King.
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De Nigromancia
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Alchemical hieroglyphs...
New Jersey : Heptangle Books, 1980.

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Translated by Gretchen Rudy.
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Grimoire of Armadel.
Translated by .. S.L. McGregor.
London : Routledge, 1980.

Grimoir of Pope Honorius.
Seattle : Trident, 1999.

Grimoirium verum ...translated from the Hebrew by Plangiere.
Seattle : Ars Obscura, 1995.

Le Dragon noir: ou, les forces infernales soumises a l'homme...
Mayer : Editions Bussiere, 1995

Le Dragon Rouge: ou, l'art de commander les espirits celeste ... 1521
Cergy : Editions Pesthuis, n.d.

Les Secrets merveilleux de la magie naturelle du petit Albert.
Lyons : 1668.

Pneumatologia occulta et vera: (manuscript).
Germany, circa 1820.

The Necronomicon...
New York : Schlangekraft Inc, 1980.

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