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Issue Nº 24 - Septmeber 1995

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Biennial Review of New Serials 1994/1995

Until last year, the Library had relied on irregular and costly cancellation exercises to control the growth of its serials holdings. However, in 1993 a decision was taken to institute a regular review mechanism into the Library's handling of its new serials subscriptions. A biennial review of titles ordered three years prior to the date of review was approved, with the first exercise being implemented late last year. This review, of titles ordered 1991/1992, has just been completed.

Information on 152 titles worth $57,000 was sent out to the individuals/departments originating the request(s). Of these, 96 titles ($30,000 worth) were located in the Branch & Department Libraries and 56 ($24,000) were in Fisher Library.

Response to this first phase was excellent, with 11 titles nominated for cancellation and only 17 receiving no response at all. A list of these titles was then circulated to all departments, and also advertised in the University News, so that users might have a final chance to make a case for retention. As a result, arguments against cancellation were received for 16 of these journals, with some titles attracting multiple responses.

The remaining twelve titles, ten of which are listed below, are worth $3060 (5.4% of the original total) and will be cancelled in the next month.

  • ACLIS news
  • Acres Australia
  • African analysis
  • International journal of modern physics D
  • International journal of nonlinear optical physics
  • International research in geographical & environmental education
  • Journal of marine systems
  • Languages of the world
  • Pharmacology communications
  • Simulation practice and theory

The two titles not listed are awaiting a last check before cancellation.

The work of the Branch & Department Librarians in assisting this review is greatly appreciated, as is the time and effort put into the responses by the academics and librarians concerned. The exercise could not have worked as smoothly as it did without each group's cooperation and goodwill.


Where can I return books?

Readers may return borrowed items to any library in the University (except the Power Research Library, which does not lend).

The status of the item displayed on the University Library's online catalogue is altered to "in transit" when library staff clear the loan at that location. The Library is operating a courier service to transport materials on a 24-hour turnaround, so that items can be delivered to their home library promptly and the loan transaction completed there. The status then appears on the catalogue as "check shelf" and is again available for loan. Items from college libraries can be returned using this service, but these loans cannot be discharged until the items reach their home library as they have been lent on a different system.

The service was introduced on a trial basis late last year. The ability to return books to any location has proved very popular with users. In excess of 12,000 items were handled during the trial period of six months to the end of April. More than 5,000 items from other libraries were returned to Fisher and well over 6,000 items were returned elsewhere.

Use of this service has risen dramatically this year. Over 6,000 items were handled in May and 5,500 in June.

Readers may also return books outside library hours. Most libraries have after hours return chutes accessible while that building is open. The following have overnight return chutes: Badham Library, Camden Library, Fisher Library, Geography Library, Medical Library.

Library review - Recommendation 37 - White Paper: Consolidation of branch libraries on the original campus

The Implementation Team's white paper has been endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Committee and has been circulated to Faculties. One of its major recommendations is the consolidation of the Badham, medical and science libraries in a new library on the site of the Transient Building in the year 2000.

Copies of the white paper are available from the University's Librarian's Office (ext 12990) or via the Library's web pages (URL (no longer available in 2001)

AIDS Memorial Quilt

Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt A part of the Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt is currently on display in the foyer of Fisher Library.

The Quilt demonstrates in a powerful way that AIDS deaths are not just statistics, but people.

The Library displays part of the AIDS Quilt each year to raise the consciousness of the University community about this disease, which has affected many of our members.

Several blocks of the Quilt will be displayed, in turn, in the Fisher Library foyer during Second Semester.

Electronic Services in Lending Services

The Lending Services Department at Fisher Library has begun offering some services via the World Wide Web. Electronic forms are currently available for the renewal of Fisher Research Library items. In the near future Inter-Library Loan request forms will also be available. More details on the Inter-Library Loan request forms will be released when the service commences.

The current form for renewals is available via the Library Home web pages (URL

Fill in the details on the Email Renewal Form, then press Submit Request. You will be notified by e-mail whether or not your request has been accepted. Renewals on Research Library items will be processed only if the item is not overdue or reserved by another borrower.

Any queries or comments can be directed to the Lending Services Librarian Mr Edward Quinn, phone: 351 4266, E-mail:

New On-Line Library System

Information about the new system or on progress of implementation may be obtained from the System Project Team, Level 7, Fisher Library. Dean Leith, Co-ordinator of the Team, may be contacted via E-mail: or by phone, fax and message machine on tel: 3516757.

Electronic Data Bases

Religion Index

Fisher Library has now acquired the Religion Index in CD-Rom format. There are three parts to the Religion Index:

Religion Index One: Periodicals (RIO)
Contains bibliographic citations for journal articles indexed from over 500 international journals. The notes field outlines the content of articles and indicates the presence of a bibliography and illustrative matter.

Religion Index Two: multi authored works (RIT)
Indexes over 550 international publications containing essays, Festschriften, conference proceedings and congresses.

Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR)
Which indexes more than 14,500 reviews annually from journals in religion as well from the popular media such as the Times Literary Supplement.

All databases start from 1975 and works discussing biblical texts are indexed by searchable Scripture citations, as well as the usual search fields. For further information contact the Humanities Librarian in Fisher Library, phone: 351 5859, e-mail

Business Australia on Disc

Business Australia on Disc, which is available at the Graduate School of Business Library, is now also held at Fisher Library.

This is an Australian CD-ROM containing 11 different databases. The subject coverage of these databases include economic working papers, accounting and taxation, industrial relations, management and training. Some examples of the databases available are:

  • Giblin Working Papers Database
  • Australian Accounting & Taxation Database
  • IREL: Australian Industrial Relations Database
  • Taxabs: Australian Taxation Database
  • Worklit: Commonwealth Department of Industrial Relations Database
  • AIM Management & Training Database

The databases mainly index scholarly journals and some include abstracts. The software that runs this is the same as that which runs the CD-Rom AUSTROM.

Contact Linden Fairbairn, ph: 351 5679, or e-mail : ifyou would like further information about Business Australia on Disc or if you would like to arrange a training session or demonstration.

Full-Text CD-ROM Databases at Fisher Library for the Humanities

Here is a list of the electronic full text databases currently available at the Information Desk in Fisher Library. Contact Creagh Cole tel: 351 5030, e-mail: for more information about these texts, orderedtexts and about Internet sites for publicly available electronic texts.

Database of African American Poetry 1760-1900

Full-text of over 25000 poems written by 58 African-American poets.

English Poetry Database

Full text and bibliographic information of English poetry up to 1900.

Library of the Future

CD-Rom including hundreds of literary, philosophical and classic texts. Authors include Aeschylus, Plato, Augustine, Pope, Byron, Blake, Lewis Carroll, the Grimm Brothers, Poe, Twain Stendhal, Mary Wollstonecraft, Yeats and many more.

Macquarie Dictionary

New South Wales Pioneer's Index

Nineteenth Century

This is really a bibliographic database, but it provides an index to microfiche sets of the Chadwyck-Healey 30 year project to republish English language books and pamphlets of permanent research value from the 19th century. Fisher Library holds the specialist set for Women Writers at MIC 820.8/327. Other sets include the General set Society and Culture in the 19th Century (held at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University); Linguistics (Deakin University): Publishing, Booktrade and the Diffusion of Knowledge (NSW State Library, Monash University); Visual Arts and Architecture (NSW State Library, University of Melbourne); Children's Literature (University of Melbourne).

Oxford English Dictionary

2nd edition of complete Oxford.

Perseus 1.0: Interactive sources and studies on ancient Greece

Interactive multimedia database for the study of ancient Greece. Contains an overview of 5th century BC Greek history, works in Greek and in translation, an on-line version of Liddell-Scott Intermediate Greek-English lexicon, a collection of short articles and glossary entries, and nearly 6000 illustrations of art and archaeology, and scenes and sites throughout Greece.

PHI CD-Rom #5.3

Contains virtually all Latin literature to AD 200 as well as a few later texts (eg. Servius, Porphyry, Zeno, Justinian). This disc also includes the following versions of the bible: Hebrew, Septuagint, Greek and Coptic New Testaments, Latin Vulgate, King James and RSV.

PHI CD-Rom #6

Contains (1) documentary papyri prepared at Duke University and University of Michigan; (2) Greek inscriptions prepared at Cornell, Ohio State, and the Institute for Advanced Study; and (3) a Coptic New Testament prepared at Yale and the Nag Hammadi texts prepared at University of Claremont.

Le Robert Electronique

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae TLG

More than 700 Greek works of literature from mid-8th century BC to AD 600.


Full text of Shakespeare, Bible, selected American authors and political writings.

Motif-Index of Folk Literature on CD-Rom

This is the electronic version of Stith Thompson's classification of folk narratives: folk tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books and local legends.

Databases on Trial

The Library continues to trial various new database services in addition to the large number already provided. Sometimes conducted in conjunction with other universities, these trials are designed to give university researchers and students the opportunity to test the relevance to their work of the content of databases, the ease of use and other search features, and the capacity of their equipment and facilities to make effective use of them. Depending on the feedback obtained, and suitable financial arrangements being offered, these trials sometimes lead to services being continued for an extended period.

Over the next few months the Library will provide free trial access to the following systems:


ABI/INFORM Global Full Text is one of the largest business databases abstracting nearly 1,000 business and management periodicals. In addition, since 1991 the database gives immediate access to the complete text of articles from over 500 of these key business publications . ABI/INFORM is also useful for other subjects, for example, computers, economics, engineering, health care, human resources, information technology, law, management, marketing, taxation and many more.

To access ABI/INFORM Global Full Text, you can use the same login instructions, userid/access code and password that you use for the CAUL Current Contents Service . If you do not know the password, contact your designated Faculty administrator who will issue the access code (userid) and password to authorised users. Contact your Branch library or Fisher Library Information Desk for the name of your Faculty's administrator.


An Internet-based service providing access to two major databases which are updated monthly:

Expanded Academic Index & ASAP 1980 -

Covers 1,500 journals in the area of the humanities, social science, general science and technology, including book reviews. Some articles are available in full-text.

General Business File & ASAP 1982 -

Covers 800 journals, 40,000 investments reports from Investext and 200,000 directory records on companies worldwide, as well as comprehensive coverage of five leading European newspapers. Some articles are available in full-text.

To use these databases, telnet to, login as infotrac and use the password test.

ERL (Electronic Reference Library)

During the trial this system allows access from any workstation connected to AARNet to 20 important bibliographic databases provided by Silver Platter Information, Inc. Many of these databases are already available on CD-ROM workstations in the Fisher and Branch Libraries, but ERL extends their availability to other Branch libraries as well as offices and laboratories. ERL uses client-server software and during the trial only a limited number of terminals can access a particular database at one time. The following databases will be available until October:

  • ABI/Inform (1987 +)
  • Agricola (1970 +)
  • Austrom
  • CAB CD (1993 +)
  • Criminal Justice Abs
  • Diss Abstracts (1993 +)
  • EconList
  • Embase (1989 +)
  • ERIC (1966 +)
  • GeoRef
  • Information Science Abstracts (1966 - 1995)
  • MathSci (1940 +)
  • Medline (1966+ )
  • Medline Current
  • PsycLit
  • Sociofile
  • Sports Discus

Other databases will also be available at various times.


Previously available only to the Faculty of Law and Graduate School of Business staff and students, this important service, covering international law, business, current affairs (including some newspapers) and business information in full text, will be available on trial until the end of October. It is available over the Internet via telnet or there is software than can be loaded onto your PC or Mac.

To obtain searching instructions, software and training, please contact either:

Jeannine Goasdoue, Reader Services Librarian, Law Library
Phone: 81 219, E-mail:


Caroline Regan, Co-ordinator, Access to Networked Information Resources
Phone: 351 3560, E-mail:

Further information on all these trials is available from Branch libraries or the Fisher Library Information Desk (351 2993, e-mail:

Australian Statistics on AARNet

By arrangement with the Council of Australian University Librarians, the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Gopher Online Time Service is now available to the University's staff and students on AARNet.

The Time Series service, known also as AUSSTATS, contains statistical data from the main demographic, economic and financial publications of the Bureau. It comprises over 90,000 time series extending back 15 years, or in some cases 40 years.

Access to AUSSTATS is available at Fisher and some Branch libraries. It is also possible from any workstation on the University network using gopher client software or a web browser such as Netscape. To download and view each complete series, a spreadsheet application, such as Excel, is also required. However a gopher-only feature, VIEW, permits on-screen viewing of selected dates of a table. The "VIEW" feature can be found at the end of a menu of tables.

The address for the service is: gopher://

Further information about AUSSTATS, including training, is available from Ray Penn or Linden Fairbairn (351 5679) or email: