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Paying for Open Access

Numerous publishers have systems in place that for a fee will make a work immediately available as open access on publication. Some publishers (such as BioMedCentral) sell institutional membership to assist with open access publication. In many cases these memberships only provide a discount toward publication, and the author will need to make some payment. This method of authors paying a publisher for open access to their work is often referred to as "Gold OA"

The University of Sydney Library does not currently support or provide funds toward publication of open access articles through Gold OA. Some grant funders such as the ARC will allow a certain portion of a grant to be used for publication. If you are the recipient of a grant please check with the funding body to see if this is the case and what percentage may be allocated to publications.

In light of grant funder mandates and the increasing desire of researchers to make work available on open access the University is developing an open access policy to enable compliance with the funder mandates and minimise any administrative burdens this might cause. As such the Library recommends a "green OA" model where a published research output is freely and openly available online via an online repository, in preference to alternative models where additional fees must be paid to enable OA. Green OA entail making the authors accepted manuscript being made available on open access (where permitted).

The Library provides support for Open Access in the following ways:

  • Assists researchers to locate information on open access and possible open access publications
  • Advises on selecting the appropriate OA repository for outputs
  • Advises on publishers' copyright policies and the use of tools such as Sherpa/ROMEO
  • Provides access to the contract addendum tool to assist in the negotiation of open access in the publishing contract
  • Provides access to the Sydney eScholarship Repository the University of Sydney Library's Open Access repository.

More information about Open Access can be found at