Promoting Sydney research: Seeding the Commons

Seeding the Commons is a federally funded project to increase researcher profile, reduce risks of research data loss, and prepare for ERA rewards through data citation. Partners include Library, Research Portfolio and ICT. Seeding the Commons supports the Vice Chancellor's University Research Data Storage, Management and Access Project.

Project staff will work to deliver the following benefits:
  • Information about researchers and projects will be findable in Google, increasing profile and collaboration opportunities.
  • Increased impact through data citation.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss through data management storage and support.
  • Services that will continue beyond the project.
How we can help:

Do you have

  • Digital datasets on local hard drives, USB sticks or other such media?
  • Physical datasets such as paper documents or lab samples?

Would you like

  • Free, secure, sustainable digital data storage which you control?
  • Help promoting your research?


We'd like to work with you. For more information, contact Belinda.


Belinda Norman
Research Data Manager, Seeding the Commons Project
Sydney eScholarship, University Library
T +61 2 9114 1457 | F +61 2 9114 0620 | M +61 478 405 461