1.1 Library website

Take a walk around the library website.
You need to understand the library website to do research.

The library website can be accessed via the University homepage or directly at the library homepage. Here you will find information about:

  • library services
  • physical locations of our different libraries
  • your online library, research information and assistance.

Library services:

Locate information about borrowing, library collections and virtual tours as well as library training offered in person on our campuses as well as online.

Physical locations:

We have eleven libraries on our campuses each with subject specialties as well as Rare Books, East Asian, Curriculum, Folio and Microfilm collections and an off-site Storage collection.

Research information and assistance:

Look for your subject specialist called a Academic Liaison Librarian, subject guides and the library catalogue which is your definitive list of the books and journal titles in the library collection. To find subject specific journal articles when you do not have any references or titles go to subject specific databases. We have many more online tutorials to assist you.

If your lecturer sent us a reading list, you might find it listed under unit of study readings.

A first year road map of essentials is available too.

Lost on the library website? Then go to Ask a Librarian in person or online and ASK FOR HELP. Not asking can be counter-productive and time-wasting. The online version of Ask a Librarian has a searchable frequently asked questions section too for instant help with common issues.

You should now be able to find where and how to ask a librarian on our library website.

Quick check:

Where do you locate Ask a Librarian on the library website?