1.3 Online Full-text (sometimes called electronic for ebooks or eReadings)

You need to understand the library website to do research as we have physical libraries as well as full-text research material located online.

The University’s online or electronic library gives you access to an ever-increasing number of full-text books, eReadings, journal articles, streamed films and music, theses, newspapers, legislation, rare books, videos, interviews, digital collections and so on.

All of these can be found via the library website.

You need to know your UniKey (4 letters, 4 digits) and your password to access many online books and articles.

You can access the online library on campus or at home.

Here is an example of an ebook:

Quick check:

Connect to this book here and click on the words Online text. Enter your UniKey and password. How many pages are in the Introduction?