10.3 What if it's not full text?

Not all databases will link you to the full-text of articles. Some only give the reference (author, title of article, name of journal, volume, issue and page numbers). They may also give an abstract or summary of the article if you're lucky.

To find the complete article you need to check the catalogue to see if the Library owns a copy of the journal in which it is published.

So if you find a reference like:
TITLE: Research and rhetoric on women in Papua New Guinea's village courts
AUTHOR: Goddard, Michael
SOURCE: Oceania, v.75 no.3 Mar-June 2005: 247-267

... you need to type the title of the journal (Oceania) into the 'journal' search option in the catalogue, then check to see what issues we have.

Go to the following page to see a journal record from the online catalogue.

Honours and Postgraduates

If the article is not held at all by the library (electronically or in the journal on library shelves), honours, coursework or research PGs can request the article via Document Delivery or ArticleReach.