11.6 Citing multimedia

Remember: how you cite any reference depends on the citation or referencing style you have chosen. Check our online tutorial How to reference

Multimedia is no exception. Your lecturer or tutor is the best person to advise you on the type of style you should use.

For each essay and assignment, it is essential that you select a style as recommended e.g. Harvard or MLA or Chicago or APA and stick to it. Cite every reference, such as a book or a journal article or a web page, in the manner recommended in the guide to the referencing style you have chosen.

Once you have chosen a citing style, the library can assist you to locate the style guides or manuals as well as an online guide to the major referencing styles. If you cannot find the type of multimedia you wish to cite in the library’s online guide, ask a librarian for assistance.

A film, TV program, sound recording, web page, video blog post and so on should be cited as specified in the style guide you are using.

Each style will cite different formats in different ways. You cannot decide to change citing styles half-way through an essay. Consistency of style and accuracy of content are the keys to correct citations. Using a printed or online guide to your selected style is essential.