11.1 Defining multimedia

Let’s find a scholarly definition of multimedia.

Go to the Oxford English Dictionary Online (OED Online). You can find the OED under title in the catalogue.

Connect to OED Online and enter your unikey and password.

Enter the word “multimedia”. Read the definition.

To cite the definition find the Cite link next to email on the definition page.

The definition, cited correctly using the Chicago  referencing style, is:

“Using more than one medium of communication, artistic expression, etc.; (Computing) designating or relating to applications which incorporate a number of media, such as text, audio, video, and animation, esp. interactively”
OED Online. December 2013. Oxford University Press. http://www.oed.com.ezproxy1.library.usyd.edu.au/view/Entry/123564?redirectedFrom=multimedia (accessed January 27, 2014).

For our purposes the most commonly used multimedia in a scholarly, academic environment are films, dvds, ethnographic film clips, audio interviews, music, video and animation, websites,

Let’s see how to find multimedia in the library catalogue and in databases.