11.3 Finding streamed films

The library subscribes to a changing number of streamed films which are not part of databases. Films, images, music, videoclips in databases are discussed in 11.3.

If you know the title of the streamed film, enter the title and select material type DVD/VHS/Image as discussed above.

Try to look for “Fish Tank” this way. Find the DVD. Find the streamed video.

If you do not know the title of the streamed film, do a subject search in the library catalogue.

Type in the words “streaming video.”

Click number 1 to locate 18 streaming films. Titles may change from semester to semester depending on teaching requirements. Only students and staff of the University of Sydney can view these films online.

Did you know: There are many streamed films for language learning on Blackboard. Go to your Learning Management System (LMS) and select a language learning e-community. A selection of movies in your selected language is available in the left-hand frame.