4.8 Test yourself

Check your ability to identify key concepts and find reference materials.

Quiz: Research - recognising key concepts and finding materials

Select the best answer for each question.

  1. How would you find a relevant encyclopaedia or dictionary?

    1. Phone a friend
    2. Browse in a bookshop
    3. Use the catalogue, database link and subject guides on the Library homepage, or ask a librarian
    4. Use the Microsoft Encarta, which was a free giveaway when you got your new computer
  2. What would you use an encyclopaedia or dictionary for?

    1. To write my entire essay
    2. As a starting point to clarify terminology or gain an overview of a subject
    3. As a definitive source of information
    4. As my contribution to a group project
  3. What are the key concepts for the following assignment topic?
    'What is the function of celebrity in contemporary culture?'

    1. Celebrity, contemporary
    2. Function, celebrity, contemporary, culture
    3. Fame, society
    4. Function, celebrity
  4. What are the key concepts for the following topic?
    'Explore the myth of Youth and Youthfulness in Shakespeare's sonnets.'

    1. Myth, Shakespeare
    2. Youth, sonnet
    3. Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare
    4. Myth, youth, youthfulness, Shakespeare, sonnets




Remember that once you have searched our library catalogue, you can use this search strategy in other catalogues such as Libraries Australia.