5.3 Citing and academic honesty

Whenever you are engaged in academic activity – whether you are writing an assignment, giving a presentation, or involved in a discussion or debate – you have to acknowledge when you have used another person's ideas, words or images.

You cannot simply pass someone else's ideas off as your own. This is known as plagiarism, and is totally unacceptable in any context, but especially in the academic world.

The resources below offer a comprehensive look at the issues surrounding academic honesty and will help you learn to use sources well and to acknowledge them appropriately.

Library iResearch plagiarism and academic honesty site

This is a very short introductory movie to give you a good sense of why academic honesty is so important and some of the key issues relating to it.

The Writesite

This is a very useful, interactive site. The unit 'Quoting and Paraphrasing' looks at why it is so important for you to develop your own argument in response to an issue.

The unit provides detailed guidelines on how and when to paraphrase and quote and, most importantly, how to ensure that your own voice is coming through clearly in your writing. It uses the work of real students to model the key principles explained.


Check the University of Sydney Copyright site. This site looks at the issue of copyright and how it relates to postgraduate students.