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Creating an Auto-Alert

Perform your subject search and combine all sets.

If you are logged into your personal account you will be able to click on

Name your search and add a comment if required.
From the drop-down menu choose:

Check Recipient's Email Address: and make any necessary changes to the Email Subject:

Then you are required to enter details about the output format. [Email Options, Report type and Fields]
*If you want to download references from your email to EndNote then choose Reprint Medlars from the Result Formats.

Once you have done this click on

You will then be returned to your search screen with the following note at the bottom of your search history Search History saved as "search name"

To rerun a search you must be logged into your personal account.

Then you can either:
* Display your Saved Searches and choose which one you want to run
* OR if you remember the name of your saved search you can request the search from the search box using the execute command ie.where the search is named als
..e als

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