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Task: Search for all articles by Professor Martin Tattersall (Oncologist in the Department of Medicine).

Select Author

Type the author's name, Martin Tattersall as tattersall m (surname space initial/s) in the search box and


The result is the .

You'll notice that there are five possibilities. As we don't know of a second initial, mark all five checkboxes.

Click on

At the main search screen, your recent search results are posted in the Search History.

Another way to get the same result is just to type tattersall m*.au. in the search box and enter.

By typing .au. we have specified a search of the author field. The * is the truncation symbol enabling all possible second initials to be searched and retrieved.

The results for both searches should be the same as the first set, just over 400.

To limit this result to the correct M. Tattersall you could either limit by cancer as a subject (exp neoplasms/) or Sydney in the institution field (

* Both initials M and MH are used for Martin Tattersall.

Please click in the OvidSP navigation bar at the top of the screen to logoff from your Medline session.

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