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Relating to the University of Sydney Library

These documents are also searchable within the SETIS Australian Studies search interface. (Restrict your search by author's name to search keywords within individual texts.)

Neil A. Radford Introductory Articles (2002)
"A Singular Ornament in the University" | pdf
H.E. Barff (1898):
The Library of the University of Sydney | pdf
Kenneth Binns (1909):
The Fisher Library | pdf
Harrison Bryan (1969):
An Australian Library in the A.M.
Earlier Years of the University of Sydney Library
| pdf
Neil A. Radford (1984):
Thomas Fisher and the Fisher Bequest
John Fletcher (1984):
Per Ardua Libros: The Friends of the University of Sydney Library Library
The last two essays by Radford and Fletcher were published together in the following work published in 1984 and available here as a pdf file:
"In Establishing and Maintaining a Library" Two Essays on the University of Sydney Library

Many of these documents are also available in Portable Document Format (pdf). If you select this format you will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This software is freely available from