Lifespan Research

A life stage-relevant, 'whole of life' approach to health and medical research.

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Lifespan Research Network

The Lifespan Research Network is a diverse community of researchers from The University of Sydney and affiliated Centres and Institutes devoted to the study of human health and development across the stages of life.

Clinical Trials Roadmap

Are you designing your own or running a commercially sponsored clinical trial? The Clinical Trial Risk and Governance team have released this Infographic road map to help researchers navigate through the Clinical Trial process and assist with planning, preparing, review and authorisation of their clinical trial research project.

Congratulations Prof Natasha Nassar

Professor Natasha Nassar is the newly appointed Financial Markets Foundation for Children Chair of T

Professor Natasha Nassar has been appointed as the newly-established Financial Markets Foundation for Children Chair of Translational Childhood Medicine. This role will allow her to expand her research, examining how events and conditions during pregnancy, and in a child’s early years, can affect health throughout the rest of their lives.

Natasha will also oversee the CPC’s flagship BABY1000 study, working with project lead Dr Adrienne Gordon.

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Health Data Linkage in the Spotlight

On September 14, our network was pleased to join with the Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Cancer Research Network to present the Health Data Linkage Showcase.

Katie Irvine from the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL) discussed the latest developments in the field, and University researchers presented their current projects ulitlising linked datasets.

Visit the CheRel website to find out how record linkage works, and how data linkage could benefit your project.

2017 Lifespan Collaboration Award

2017 Lifespan Collaboration Award winner Hoi Lun (Helen) Cheng with Prof Kate Steinberg

2017 Lifespan Collaboration Award winner Hoi Lun (Helen) Cheng with Prof Kate Steinbeck

Congratulations! The 2017 Lifespan Collaboration Award was presented at Lifespan Research Day to Dr Hoi Lun (Helen) Cheng. The People's Choice Award for 'Best Presentation of the Day' was awarded to Dr Cynthia Forlini.

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Current opportunities for researchers: Applications are now open for a range of grants, awards, fellowships, conference and travel grants with closing dates in the coming months.

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