Healthy Ageing research

Healthy Ageing

Research into the causes, patterns and control of chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, arthritis and hepatitis benefits from the multi-disciplinary insights that are found in abundance in a large faculty like the University of Sydney Medical School. Also work on injury prevention such as traffic accidents and farm injuries can save the community time, money and loss of quality of life.

In pursing chronic disease and ageing our researchers are tackling the leading causes of death, disability and reduced quality of life in all advanced industrialised nations and in an increasing number of low income nations. They know that these diseases constitute a highly significant social and economic community burden and they are seeking prevention and control through genetic, behavioural, cultural, economic and environmental means.

The Healthy Ageing theme network aims to:

  • network researchers throughout the University of Sydney and its affiliated institutes and institutions, as well as externally, building a sense of community across discipline and geographical barriers
  • encourage more high quality Healthy Ageing research
  • build research infrastructure and assets
  • increase internal and external research funding
  • foster networking and the establishment of mentoring relationships with experienced researchers and
  • showcase Healthy Ageing research at the University of Sydney