Workshop: Get your Paper Published

Get published in peer-reviewed journals – faster, with more impact

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This one-day workshop is based on extensive linguistic research into the essential elements of successfully published peer-reviewed research papers. You will be guided through a step-by-step formula that takes the uncertainty, confusion and inefficiency out of the paper-writing process, regardless of your level of experience.


2018 Lifespan Research Day

2018 abstracts booklet

Lifespan Research Day was held on July 19 with a full program of diverse presentations showcasing the breadth and relevance of the lifespan theme.

The full abstracts booklet is available in PDF format here. If you would like a printed copy please email Susie Redfern .

2017 Lifespan Research Day

Lifespan Research Day 2017 presenters

Some of the 2017 keynote speakers and presenters (left to right):Natasha Nassar, Yun-Hee Jeon, Richard Lindley, Simon Poon, Anne Tiedemann, Michael Skilton, Pegah Varamini, Tessa Copp, Rahena Akhter

The main event of the Lifespan calendar - 2017 Lifespan Research Day - was held on Wednesday 26 July. The program was highly engaging, with excellent presentations and plenty of questions from the audience.

The meeting was opened by A/Prof Anne Tiedemann, Chair of the Lifespan Emerging Researchers Committee (ERC). Three sessions represented key aspects of the Lifespan research theme: transitions and trajectories; translation; and life stages. The sessions were chaired by ERC members Dr Jonathan Penm, Dr Katie Powell and Dr Melinda Phang.

Our four keynote speakers A/Prof Natasha Nassar, Prof Yun-Hee Jeon, A/Prof Michael Skilton and Prof Richard Lindley presented their recent research, reminding us of the multi-disciplinary nature and broad relevance of the lifespan research theme. Across the program, researchers from 8 different disciplines provided presentations that were both entertaining and inspiring.

Overall 2017 Research Day was a wonderful event both in the quality of the presentations and the enthusiastic networking throughout the day. All our speakers gave us an opportunity to gain an insight into the breadth of research which is part of the Lifespan theme.

Download the full abstracts booklet or to request a hard copy, email the Lifespan office