Lifespan Mentorship Program

mentoring program

The Lifespan Research Network is introducing a Mentorship Program for teachers and researchers within the theme. We are offering personalized guidance in four areas:

Specialized advice from researchers within your area or discipline is available. We can arrange one-on-one time with a senior researcher in your field who will be able to provide guidance and support around issues such as collaboration opportunities, research promotion, career directions and opportunities.
Also see the Learning Centre's “Research & Project Collaboration” section on their website for guidance on research projects.

Obtain new teaching ideas, learn about new teaching methods and develop your presentation skills with academics from your discipline.
Also see the Institute of Teaching and Learning “Teaching Insights” page for answers to some of the practical challenges you may face as a teacher.
For guidance on research supervision please complete the ITL’s “Foundations of Research Supervision” program.
The Learning Centre also offers advice on public speaking.

Academic promotion
If you are thinking about applying for a promotion or have already decided to apply but would like some advice/guidance on how to write a successful application – our mentors can help you review your work.
More information on academic promotions – the process, guidelines and cut-off dates can be found here.

Work-life balance
If you are juggling your personal life with the demands of an academic career, you might want to talk to one of our mentors. Guidance is provided for emerging researchers who also happen to have young families or other responsibilities outside work such as carer roles.
More information on funding offered to this group of researchers:
Thompson Fellowship
Brown Fellowship

If you wish to seek guidance on any of the above topics, please send an initial expression of interest to the Lifespan Research Network . We will do our best to match your experience/expertise with one of our mentors’ in order to provide a relevant and individualised advice. All queries will be treated confidentially.