Lifespan Advisory Board - multidisciplinary endeavour

The Lifespan Advisory Board held its first meeting in April 2015. Representatives from different faculties and Strategic Priority AReas for Collaboration (SPARCs) have gathered to discuss a multidisciplinary approach to lifespan research.

The Board agreed that an important component of the new medical research strategy should be the focus on people and families, not just diseases. Many researchers and practitioners prefer to frame their work in terms of “wellness” rather than illness. Lifespan researchers emphasize the importance of the holistic approach for people at important life stages e.g. early life, adolescence, motherhood, frailty and when dying.

The Board's sees it's role in drawing public's attention to a significant disproportionality in research - paediatrics, adolescent health and geriatrics are the most care-intensive areas receiving the least amount of funds (especially geriatrics). It aims at attracting new researchers to these areas by promoting the ‘whole person’ approach - something only paediatrics and geriatrics can offer. New initiatives and collaborative research projects have been discusses, providing some exciting perspectives for the network's future.

2014 Lifespan Research Day - Nov 3 2014

Richard Lindley

Opening remarks - Prof Richard Lindley, Lifespan Theme co-leader

Kristine Macartney

A/Prof Kristine Macartney - plenary speaker

Congratulations to the best oral and poster presenters of the day:

Best long presentation (student) – Aimee Caldwell, ANZAC Research Institute
Induced features of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) cannot be rescued by granulosa cell specific androgen receptor inactivation in a mouse model

Best short presentation (student) – Barbara Lucas, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Gross motor performance in children living in remote Australian communities – a population based study

Best presentation (ECR) – Wendy Gold, Kids Research Institute
Microtubule dysfunction can be corrected by HDAC6 inhibitors in Rett Syndrome

Best poster (student) – Narelle Kennedy, Nepean
Ultrasound measurement of subcutaneous fat thickness as an independent predictor for adverse outcome in pregnancy

Best poster (ECR) – Marie Deverell, Kids Research Institute
Diagnostic Delays and Support Needs for Families living with a Rare Disease

The organizing committee would like to thank the plenary speakers: A/Prof Kristine Macartney (Child Health), Prof Christopher Murphy (Reproduction), Prof David Le Couteur (Healthy Ageing) and A/Prof Ian Kerridge (Ethics) for their ground-breaking presentations.

Please see the PROGRAM for more information.

2014 Lifespan Postgraduate Research Symposium a great success

The first annual Lifespan Postgraduate Research Symposium took place on Aug 1 at the Kids Research Institute (CHW) and was a great success with a superior standard of presentations.

We have seen new exciting research from a variety of areas such as reproduction and blastocyst implantation, reproductive health in Nepal, childhood encephalitis, SIDS, younger onset dementia, endometriosis, ovarian tumours, age-associated metabolic dysfunction, drug induced liver injury in old age, and many more.

Congratulations to the three students who were judged to be the most outstanding presenters of the day:

Charmaine Green, Bosch Institute - 1st Prize
The effect of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) on blastocyst implantation

Holger Henneicke, Concord Hospital - 2nd Prize
Glucocorticoid signalling in osteoblasts mediates age-associated metabolic dysfunction in mice

Philip Britton, Childrens Hospital at Westmead - 3rd Prize
Surveillance of childhood encephalitis in Australia: results from a 7-month pilot study in NSW

See the whole PROGRAM.

"I recently attended the 2014 Lifespan Research Postgraduate Symposium and found it to be very inspiring and mind stimulating to hear about other fellow researchers in the field of lifespan research. I would like to thank the organisation team for there terrific job in planning this event and I will love to hear more about this event!"
John Mach, presenter, Northern Clinical School

"I’m glad I came along it was a fantastic day! Looking forward to the next one."
Nikita Deo, presenter, Children's Hospital at Westmead


Charmaine Green - 1st Prize

Charmaine Green - 1st Prize

Holger Henneicke - 2nd Prize

Holger Henneicke - 2nd Prize

Magen Mutepfa - presenter

Magen Mutepfa - presenter

Dr Donna Hartz (Chair) and the organizing committee

Dr Donna Hartz (Chair) and the organizing committee

Prof Elizabeth Elliot advocates for children held in detention on Christmas Island

Congratulations to Professor Elizabeth Elliott on writing a remarkable piece in The Conversation on Aug 1 on the plight of children and other detainees held in detention on Christmas Island.
Read the article.

Top researchers recognised with NHMRC Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Dr Nicholas Wood - highest ranked Career Development Fellowship – Clinical, Level 1*.
Dr Wood is a staff specialist general paediatrician and senior lecturer in the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Sydney. Through his Career Development Fellowship 1 in the Clinical stream, Dr Wood will be conducting research on adverse events following immunisation with the aim of improving policy and practice and promoting confidence in the safety of vaccines. MORE

Lifespan Emerging Researchers Committee nominated

We are pleased to announce nomination of 14 members of the Lifespan Theme ER Committee chaired by Associate Professor Kirsten Black - Joint Head Discipline of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology, Sydney University. Members represent a broad variety of geographical locations as well as research areas within the theme. MORE

National Board publishes research report on professional indemnity insurance for midwives

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (National Board) has released a research report on professional indemnity (PII) insurance for midwives. Currently, professional indemnity insurance (PII) products are not available in Australia for intrapartum care provided by midwives in private practice who attend homebirths.

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