2015 Lifespan Postgraduate Research Symposium

Presenters 2015 Lifespan Postgraduate Research Symposium

Some of the presenters. From top left: Shelley Yin, Dr Justin Richards, Michael Swain, Casey Paquola, Amanda Elaro, Anita Van Zwieten and Kerrry Chen.

Organising committee and award winners, 2015 Lifespan Postgraduate Research Symposium

From left: Donna Hartz, Adrienne Gordon, Kate Steinbeck, Susie Redfern, Yuyan Chen with (front) award winners Chanukya Colonne, Rachel Shparberg and Jovana Mijatovic.

On October 1, the Lifespan Research Network hosted a successful Postgraduate Symposium held at the Charles Perkins Centre. The program was fast-paced and highly engaging, with excellent presentations and plenty of questions from the audience.
Thank you to all the students who participated with such high quality presentations and congratulations to our prize winners Chanukya Colonne, Rachel Shparberg and Jovana Mijatovic.

Thank you to Prof Stephen Simpson, Dr Nicola Fairhall, Prof Elizabeth Elliott, Dr Justin Richards, Prof Sally Tracy and Dr Adrienne Gordon for such inspiring presentations, and to the session chairs A/Prof Kirsten Black, Dr Donna Hartz and Prof Kate Steinbeck.

View the complete program here including the abstracts.

2015 Cancer-Lifespan Symposium

2015 Cancer-Lifespan Symposium photos

From top left: Speakers Merran Findlay, Dr Chris Steer, Cancer, Prof Richard Lindley, Dr Loretta Lau with award winner Harriet Gunn, A/Prof Jenny Byrne, Dr Lau with award winner Dannielle Upton

The 2015 Cancer-Lifespan Research Symposium: 'From the very beginning to the end of life: cancer over the lifespan' was held on Wednesday 9 September at Westmead Millennium Institute.

It was an engaging program and a successful first collaboration between the Cancer Research Network and Lifespan Research Network.
The Symposium showcased recent cancer research achievements across the four lifespan themes, including maternal and reproductive cancers, childhood cancers, adolescent and young adult cancers, and cancer and healthy ageing. The plenary address was delivered by Professor David Currow, CEO of the Cancer Institute of NSW. The invited speakers gave stimulating and inspiring presentations and there was plenty of thought-provoking questions and collegial networking throughout the day.

The full 2015 Cancer-Lifespan Research Symposium program including abstracts is available here.

2015 Lifespan Research Day

2015 Lifespan Research Day presentations Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham and Dr Helen Cheng

Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham and Dr Helen Cheng

The 2015 Lifespan Research Day was held on Thursday 16 July with a full and stimulating program of research presented in the fields of reproduction and maternal health, child health, adolescent health and healthy aging.

The event was opened by Professor Kate Steinbeck the co-leader of Lifespan Research Network. Our four plenary speakers A/Prof Margot Day, Prof Cheryl Jones, A/Prof Rachel Skinner and Prof Gustavo Duque were entertaining and inspiring, and reminded us of the importance of a ‘lifespan view’.

This was a wonderful event – both in the quality of the presentations and the enthusiastic networking throughout the day. All our speakers gave us an opportunity to gain an insight into the quality and breadth of research which is part of the Network.

Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success.

The full 2015 Lifespan Research Day program including abstracts is available here.

Lifespan Advisory Board - multidisciplinary endeavour

The Lifespan Advisory Board held its first meeting in April 2015. Representatives from different faculties and Strategic Priority AReas for Collaboration (SPARCs) have gathered to discuss a multidisciplinary approach to lifespan research.

The Board agreed that an important component of the new medical research strategy should be the focus on people and families, not just diseases. Many researchers and practitioners prefer to frame their work in terms of “wellness” rather than illness. Lifespan researchers emphasize the importance of the holistic approach for people at important life stages e.g. early life, adolescence, motherhood, frailty and when dying.

The Board's sees it's role in drawing public's attention to a significant disproportionality in research - paediatrics, adolescent health and geriatrics are the most care-intensive areas receiving the least amount of funds (especially geriatrics). It aims at attracting new researchers to these areas by promoting the ‘whole person’ approach - something only paediatrics and geriatrics can offer. New initiatives and collaborative research projects have been discusses, providing some exciting perspectives for the network's future.

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