This year was a successful round for members of the Lifespan Research Theme with research funding awarded in NHMRC project and fellowship schemes.

RMCH affiliates won several NHMRC project grants and fellowships. Congratulations to:

  • Professor Ian Alexander (Children's Hospital Westmead) HMRC project Chief Investigator
    Development of a novel gene delivery system for treatment of metabolic liver disease in infants and children
  • Associate Professor Michael Dibley (School of Public Health) HMRC project Chief Investigator
    Does the impact of peer counselling for appropriate infant feeding last till the child is five years of age? Extended follow up of children from a community-based trial in urban Bangladesh
  • Professor Rebecca Ivers (The George Institute for Global Health) HMRC project Chief Investigator
    Burn injuries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • Professor Jonathan Morris (Kolling Institute of Medical Research) HMRC project Chief Investigator
    Working towards a new therapy for IUGR
  • Professor Christopher O'Neill (Northern Clinical School) HMRC project Chief Investigator
    How embryo cells have the capacity to form all the cells in the body
  • Professor William Tarnow-Mordi (Westmead Clinical School) NHMRC project Chief Investigator
    Should we treat iron deficiency anaemia of pregnancy with lactoferrin? A randomised controlled trial
  • Dr Megan Passey (School of Public Health)
    Reducing Tobacco Harm Among Vulnerable Population Groups
  • Dr Natasha Nassar (Northern Clinical School)
    Role of maternal and obstetric factors on long-term child health & educational outcomes
  • Dr Nicholas Wood (Children's Hospital Westmead)
    Immunisation safety and adverse events
  • Associate Professor Russell Dale (Children's Hospital Westmead)
    Identification and early treatment of autoimmune brain disease in children

NHMRC recognises Lifespan researchers

Congratulations to CHW Clinical School academics Professor Elizabeth Elliott, Professor Robert Booy, Professor Peter McIntyre, Dr Nick Wood, Dr Gulam Khandaker and Associate Professor Yvonne Zurynski, for their research project entitled It’s not child’s play: Taking influenza seriously which was named as one of the 10 best NH&MRC Research Projects for 2013. MORE

NSW Health Public Health and Health Services Support Program grant success

Both the Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC), Sydney School of Public Health, and the Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research (CPPHR), Kolling Institute of Medical Research were successful in being awarded two out of seven grants in Round 4 of the NSW Health Public Health and Health Services Support Program (formally known as Public Health Capacity Building grants).

The PRC, which is headed by Professor Adrian Bauman, undertakes policy-relevant research in public health nutrition, physical activity, obesity prevention, tobacco control, and cancer prevention. Its work covers the age spectrum, but it does include a great deal of work on child and adolescent obesity, nutrition and physical activity. Professor Louise Baur is a long-standing active member of the PRC.

The CPPHR, which is headed by Associate Professor Christine Roberts, aims to inform, evaluate and improve health policy and service delivery for mothers and children, with the overall goal of ensuring a healthy start to life.

Congratulations to both the PRC and the CPPHR on their grant success.

Theme coordinator - Marta Kremky

Marta Kremky has been engaged part-time as the research theme network coordinator. Her overarching role is to aid research within the theme by enhancing collaboration amongst Lifespan researchers in the University of Sydney, its teaching hospitals and institutions as well as externally. She welcomes and looks forward to all contributions in this endeavour and can be contacted at the .

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