Riding a bike to the University

Why ride your bike to the University?

  • It's great exercise, so you can avoid gym fees and workout time.
  • You’ll save a lot of money – think about how much public transport tickets add up, let alone how much cars cost to fill up, maintain, insure, and register.
  • Cycling is good for the environment – you're not pumping any toxins into the atmosphere.
  • It's fun. You'll sail past buses and commuters in their cars and be home before you know it.

Planning your route and parking

Bike parking image

There's plenty of bike parking on campus.

  • Download the City of Sydney cycling map. It sets out parking spots and the most efficient and safest cycling routes, helping you avoid traffic-heavy or dangerous roads.
  • When you park, use a D-bolt lock to secure your bike, and try not to leave your helmet behind. Make sure your D-bolt lock is a good quality one; it makes a big difference.
  • Park your bike in designated areas. Bicycles parked elsewhere may be removed to the security office in the Services Building (G12) on Codrington Street, if they pose a safety risk to pedestrians or property. To find a parking spot, go to the relevant campus map and tick 'bike parking' in the list of Amenities.

Be safe

Lots of bikes parked at the University

Lots of students and staff ride to work.

These tips will help you stay safe on our roads. They aren't comprehensive though, so please make sure you familiarise yourself with the official road rules as well.

  • Wear a helmet. It's compulsory in Australia.
  • Clearly indicate when you’re about to change direction, using hand signals.
  • Ensure your bike has front and rear lights for use at night and has a red rear reflector.
  • Have a working bell or horn on your bike, and don’t be shy about using it to warn other road users and pedestrians of your presence.
  • Observe all road rules, including speed limits. These apply on the University grounds. Take special care where there are lots of pedestrians.
  • Be courteous to your fellow riders, drivers and pedestrians.

The City of Sydney offers free cycling courses to help prepare you to share the road with car drivers and pedestrians, and teach you how to maintain and care for your bike.

Showers and lockers

Some buildings of the University have showers and lockers available for staff and/or students. This is very handy if you want to cool off after a morning ride, and store your shower gear and clothing. Have a chat with your colleagues or contact Campus Infrastructure and Services to find out where these are.

If you need to wear a suit during the day and don't want to carry it on your bike, take a bus or train on Monday so you can take extra clothes for the week.


If you are a member of the University of Sydney Union (USU) then you may be eligible for bike-related discounts using your Access card, such as:

Please check the Access website to view current offers.