Infectious Disease and Biosecurity related links



  • Australian Wildlife Health Network | The AWHN’s mission is to promote and facilitate collaborative links in the investigation and management of wildlife health in support of human and animal health, biodiversity and trade - To subscribe to this network please email
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) | CIDRAP works to prevent illness and death from targeted infectious disease threats through research and the translation of scientific information into real-world, practical applications, policies, and solutions.
  • European Network for Tropical Medicine and Travel Health | The main task of TropNet is the provision of a platform for collaborative research and surveillance of travel-related infectious and non-infectious diseases for evidence based recommendations and policy development embedded in teaching & training in Tropical and Travel Medicine in Europe.
  • National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System | This application generates summary data for notifications of communicable diseases reported to Australia's National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS).
  • PROmed -International Society for Infectious Diseases - includes global, regional, national and biodefense links
  • Sydney Environment Institute | The Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) at the University of Sydney aims to address the key questions of our time: how do we understand and redesign the fundamental relationship between human communities and the natural world that supports them; and how can people and societies adapt positively to environmental change?
  • WHO Disease Outbreak News | The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) is a technical collaboration of existing institutions and networks who pool human and technical resources for the rapid identification, confirmation and response to outbreaks of international importance.

Newsletters and Journals

  • Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly Report | The Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly provides a topical summary of animal health matters - To subscribe to this report please email
  • CDC - Emerging Infectious Disease Journal | Emerging Infectious Diseases is a peer reviewed, open access journal published monthly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - To subscribe to this journal please email
  • Communicable Diseases Intelligence - NSW Health - Quarterly Report | The aim of this report is to disseminate information on the epidemiology of communicable disease in Australia, including surveillance, prevention and control. - Available to download at the CDI website
  • Eurosurveillance | Eurosurveillance is a European peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to the epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases, with a focus on such topics that are of relevance to Europe - You can subscribe to this journal online