What we do

MBI Themes overview graph

MBI brings together researchers, educators and professionals from across the biological and social sciences.

We aim to:

  • Increase understanding of factors influencing emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals
  • Develop and help implement new ways of reducing the health and societal impacts of emerging infectious diseases
  • Provide an independent, expert resource for government, professionals and the public

Our national and regional partnerships span the major themes of the Institute, which include:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication and Advocacy

Principles of interaction (within MBI)

We will attempt to create a “free space for the mind” where interactions are open and non-hierarchical, lateral thinking is encouraged and the excitement of scientific discovery shared:

  • Activities should be stimulating, interactive and fun
  • Critical questions that explore the full context or interrogate different angles are encouraged

We hope to create a platform where people with shared interests can connect across discipline boundaries, establish links with existing groups/expertise and develop collaborative projects at their own discretion/pace

Principles of collaboration (with national & international partners)

These principles are formulated in an attempt to facilitate truly collaborative research that serves the best interests of study communities and the broader scientific community, while providing due recognition to the contribution of each partner. For this to succeed the partnership needs to be built on trust and integrity, where researchers demonstrate mutual respect, accept each other as equal partners and retain a focus on the common good.

We encourage all collaborative studies to define the “rules of engagement” up front, to reduce the risk of future conflict or tension.

group of people standing outside

A/Prof Ben Marais (back row - middle) attending the Pacific OR Course in Sept 2012, building on MBI's involvement in public health efforts within the Pacific

Overarching principles
  • Support and develop local academic capacity
  • Encourage a fully collaborative partnership (a partnership of equals)
  • Encourage community engagement, capacity building and benefit; where relevant
  • Limit negative impacts on health services; provide additional support or resources as required
  • Be guided by local ethical/cultural standards, but in accordance with internationally accepted norms
  • Academic ownership resides with the CI’s of each project, but every attempt should be made to provide data access on a transparent and well-regulated basis, encouraging optimal utilization of data