SEIB is proud to co-host EIDS 2012

Emerging Infectious Diseases Symposium 2012 (EIDS 2012) will bring together researchers in the field of “One Health”, uniting the areas of animal and human disease, as well as the environmental issues around the emergence of infectious disease.

The last several decades has seen the emergence of numerous novel infectious diseases. Compounding this is the re-emergence of diseases as a result of a combination of reasons, such as increased host exposure and environmental factors. These diseases threaten Australia's biosecurity and our country's enviable position of being free from most of the serious pests and diseases that affect countries overseas.

Research in emerging infectious diseases is growing rapidly, with new breakthroughs in the understanding of host-pathogen interactions and the development of innovative and exciting therapeutic strategies. Many of the emerging infectious diseases that we are aware of are linked to increasing contact between humans and wildlife, intensification and integration of food production, and the expansion of international travel.

With this in mind there is a need to take a One Health approach – that is a collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment. The EIDS2012 committee is preparing for you an impressive program that will encourage plenty of scientific exchange and discussion.

When: 22 October 2012 - 23 October 2012

Location: Four Points by Sheraton Geelong, 10-14 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong Victoria

Symposium Topics Include:

  • pathogen reservoir surveillance
  • transmission of emerging infectious diseases
  • emerging infectious disease biology
  • host immunity to infection
  • platforms for disease diagnosis and therapeutic and diagnostic development
  • modelling/scenario evaluation
  • economic evaluation of response and social implications of emerging infectious disease
  • transboundary diseases
  • biosecurity and biosafety

Further information is available from EID Symposium website

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