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Welcome to our post-graduate section that provides an overview of relevant Masters courses and guidance for aspiring PhD students. Please view our future students page for some helpful information to assist in furthering your PhD and Masters enquiry.

A summary of key research themes and pathogens of interest can be found under our people.

Our current students page will introduce you to some of our PhD students and post-doctoral fellows, with brief descriptions of their research projects/interests.

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Students should visit the Sydney Medical School future research student enquiries page and complete the online form to help match suitable supervisors and projects for you.



A principle aim of MBI is to educate the next generation of leaders in communicable disease control. The Sydney School of Public Health runs the Master of International Public Health (MIPH), which covers the control of communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries and its integration with non-communicable disease control, as well as health policy, understanding health systems, women’s and children’s health, and humanitarian emergencies. In the 10 years that it has run, students from more than 60 countries have been taught together as a global classroom. Many of the students come from low- and middle-income countries and bring with them a wealth of background knowledge on the challenges of implementing public health measures.

The MIPH aims to equip future public health leaders with the skills and knowledge to enable them to practice independently in policy positions across the globe.