Our nodes

About our nodes

Each node of MBI has:
  • Multidisciplinary representation (at least 3 faculties/disciplines)
  • Educational/outreach component (short professional courses or national/international seminar/conference)
  • A strategy which complements/advances the overall strategy of MBI
Each node will be provided with:
  • MBI support to include access to networks/linkages, PR, etc
  • $5,000 annually from MBI core for meetings, etc
  • Potential partial funding from the DVC-Research’s office for successful large grants
  • Administrative/program support from the MBI Project Officer
To submit an MBI Project Node Expression of Interest, please provide the following:
  • Node title
  • Brief description of the node (4-6 sentences)
  • Leadership team (Node leader and core theme leaders)
  • Proposed research themes and theme leaders
  • Proposed activities /research strategies (Just some initial thoughts; can be further refined)
  • Expected outcomes
  • Funding potential