MBI Open Strategic Funding Call

This funding call aims to bring together multidisciplinary groups within the University of Sydney to explore some of the big challenges facing human, animal and ecosystem health. Project deliverables should align with the University of Sydney Strategic Plan (Investing in Research Excellence; 2016-2020) and the objectives of the Maries Bashir Institute (MBI). We are specifically looking for concepts that are aligned with expected major multidisciplinary programmatic-type funding opportunities that require strong preliminary data and proof of fruitful collaboration. This refers to multi-million-dollar funding opportunities e.g. large NHMRC/ARC team grants (not project grants), or relevant category 2 and 3 grants.

Research scope

MBI encourages research that improves understanding of the complex pathogen, host, environment interactions that fuel the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, particularly those relevant to Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Project funding and duration
  • Projects up to $50,000 will be funded
  • Projects need to conclude within 1-2 years (the expectation is that most projects should be completed within 1 year with formal application for competitive funding within 2 years)
Eligibility criteria
  • All MBI members (with a University of Sydney appointment) are eligible to apply
  • The application MUST specify the large-scale funding opportunity at which this proposal is aimed
Submission deadline

There is no deadline for submission of this proposal; it is an open call and the MBI executive may be approached whenever an important, strategic opportunity arises. .


A double-stage evaluation procedure will be used. Initial screening will be performed by the MBI Core Executive team to ensure that the objectives of the call and minimum quality criteria are met. The MBI Multidisciplinary Advisory Board, composed of members from all major faculties/disciplines within the University, will then consider the strategic importance and strength of the application, summarised on a standard 2-page template.