2017 editions

Edition 46

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter August 2017

August 2017 - Edition 46

  • Translating pathogen genomics into improved public health out-comes: Prospective evaluation of the effectiveness of genome-sequencing guided investigation of outbreaks
  • Differentiation between entero-invasive Esherichia coli (EIEC) and Shigella using multiplex PCR
  • Welcome to Dr Aaron Jenkins

Edition 45

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter April 2017

April 2017 - Edition 45

  • Post vaccine genomic evolu-tion of serogroup 19 invasive pneumococcal isolates in NSW
  • Translational Research Grant update and team profiles
  • Sydney Summer School in Pathogen Genomics
  • Staff Profile - Dr Alicia Arnott

2016 editions

Edition 44

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter October 2016

October 2016 - Edition 44

  • Foodborne Diseases: Changing Epidemiology and Disease Control Introduction
  • Abstracts: Foodborne Diseases: Changing Epidemiology and Disease Control Symposium
  • NSW Health Translational Research Grant
  • Staff Profile: Dr Michael Walsh

Edition 43

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter June 2016

June 2016 - Edition 43

  • Advancing the one/eco health agenda in Australia
  • Honors research project investigates public knowledge and attitudes about antibiotic resistance in Sydney
  • The epidemiology of antibiotic resistance: an Escherichia coli perspective
  • The added value of genome sequencing in the investigation of Salmonella Agona outbreak in Sydney
  • Staff profile - Marian Fernandez and Moataz Mohamed

Edition 42

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter Mar 16

March 2016 - Edition 42

  • Research Symposium and Festschrift in Honor of Professor Lyn Gilbert: Advancing Control of Communicable Diseases through Innovation and Translational Research

Edition 41

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter Feb 16

February 2016 - Edition 41

  • Why doesn't mosquito-borne Zike virus pose a widespread threat to Australia?
  • Zika emergency status a cause for alert, not alarm
  • Explainer: what is microcephaly and what is its relationship to Zika virus?
  • Zika virus, spread through mosquitoes, causes widespread panic in Brazil, as the rest of the world cautioned before Olympics

2015 Editions

Edition 40

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter November 2015

November 2015 - Edition 40

  • Point-of-care testing
  • Abstracts of selected recent publications at point-of-care symposium
  • Staff profile - Rebecca Rockett

Edition 39

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter June 2015

June 2015 - Edition 39

  • Re-emergence and laboratory diagnosis of Pertussis - Verlaine Timms
  • Abstracts of selected recent publications by CIDM-Public Health investigators
  • The 2015 Ross River virus outbreak: A reminder of local mosquito-
    borne disease threats - Cameron E. Webb
  • Staff profile - Verlaine Timms

Edition 38

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter March 2015

March 2015 - Edition 38

  • Medical mycology: closing the gap in diagnostics and emerging fungal species? - Catriona Halliday & Sharon Chen
  • Changing epidemiology of candidaemia in Australia: the Australian Candidaemia Study 10 years on - Belinda Chapman
  • Growth inhibition of Scedosporium and Lomentospora spp. by Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Sharon Chen & Belinda Chapman
  • Facing the challenge of growing numbers of fungal infectrions - sequence based fungal identification using the ISHAM-ITS reference database - Wieland Meyer & Laszlo Irinyi
  • Clinical and transitional mycology on southern shores - perspective and unrecognized need - Monica Slavin & Sharon Chen
  • Staff profiles: Catriona Halliday and Wieland Meyer

2014 Editions

Edition 37

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter November 2014

November 2014 - Edition 37

  • Zoonotic infection meets health inequality: the emergence of Ebola in West Africa - Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Unprecendented Ebolavirus disease outbreak demands concerted inter-national and local responses - Lyn Gilbert
  • Don’t panic about Ebola’s spread, here’s what we can do instead - Grant Hill-Cawthorne and Lyn Gilbert
  • Quarantine works against Ebola but over-use risks disaster - Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Analysis: How SARS pandemic offers lessons for Ebola - Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Mandatory Ebola quarantine is about politics, not public health - Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Viral incubation: why do bugs hide before they strike? - Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Staff Profile: Kerri Anton and Connie Lam

Edition 36

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter August 2014

August 2014 - Edition 36

  • What can Australia learn from the introduction of chikungunya virus to
    North America? - Cameron E Webb
  • An assessment of new approaches to arbovirus surveillance in NSW - Cheryl S Toi
  • Medical Entomology in Australia, 1964-2014 - Stephen L Doggett
  • Implications of insecticide resistance in Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera:
    Cimicicdae), in Australia - David G Lilly
  • Detection of knockdown resistance (kdr) in Cimex lectularius and Cimex
    hemipterus (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) - Kai Dang
  • Managing mosquitoes in urban wetlands: Strategic control and social
    communications - Cameron E Webb
  • High phylogenetic diversity of the cat flea (Ctenocephalidesfelis) at two
    mitochondrial DNA markers - Andrea Lee Lawrence
  • Solving the common mystery of the cat flea and their role in public health risks - Andrea Lee Lawrence
  • Staff Profile - Kai Dang

Edition 35

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter June 2014

June 2014 - Edition 35

  • Hospitals in the community - a matter of public health - Lyn Gilbert
  • Preventions Infections Bacteroemia Battle - Lyn Gilbert
  • Implementation of MRSA Control Bundle - K Dempsey & J Tallon
  • Innovations for MRSA control in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - K Dempsey and J Tallon
  • MRS strain typing project related abstracts - MV O'Sullivan, AN Pinto, R Sadsad
  • Staff Profile - M Wyer

Edition 34

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter October 2013

October 2013 - Edition 34

  • When it comes to mosquito-borne disease prevention, awareness and surveillance is critical - Cameron E Webb
  • More than mozzies: The health risks associated with Australian
    arthropods - Cameron E Webb & Stephen Doggett
  • The reality of new technologies in arbovirus and mosquito surveillance in NSW - Cheryl S Toi
  • Are we providing the right advice on personal protection measures against endemic and exotic mosquito-borne diseases - Cameron E Webb
  • Can botanical products assist thecontrol of dengue outbreaks in
    Malaysia? - Liyana Mokhtar
  • Staff Profile - David Lilly

Edition 33

Cover of Broad Street Pump newsletter August 2013

August 2013 - Edition 33

  • The Tuberculosis Centre of Research Excellence - Dr Gabriella Scandurra
  • The Fight Against Tuberculosis in Vietnam (Dr Greg J. Fox)
  • Tuberculosis Research in China (Dr Magda Ellis)
  • Staff Profiles: Dr Nathan Hare and Dr Elena Martinez

Edition 32

Broad Street Pump April cover page

April 2013 - Edition 32

  • Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory (Adrian Ong)
  • Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing: Tuberculosis (Grant Hill-Cawthorne)

Edition 31

Broad Street Pump Feb cover page

February 2013 - Edition 31

  • A world united against infectious diseases: cross-sectoral solutions (Michael Ward and Siobhan Mor)
  • SEIB and One Health (Tania Sorrell, Lyn Gilbert, Ben Marais, Michael Ward)
  • Staff Profile: Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne
  • Opening of the Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre

2012 Editions

Edition 30

Broad Street Pump Aug cover page

August 2012 - Edition 30

  • Bio - Professor Richard Russell
  • Bed Bugs; the modern night time accessory - Stephen Doggett
  • Murray Valley Encephalitis and Kunjin viruses in Eastern Australia - curiouser and curiouser! - Linda Hueston
  • Constructed Wetlands; the instant mosquito habitat - Dr Cameron Webb
  • The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Change and Mosquito-borne Diseases - Dr Craig Williams
  • Veterinary Diseases; Implications for Human Health - Dr Deborah Finlaison
  • Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses; uniquely Australian arbovirus challenges - Dr Michael Lindsay
  • Lyme Borreliosis: a diagnostic controversy? - David Dickeson
  • Staff profiles: Stephen Doggett and Dr Cameron Webb

Edition 29

Broad Street Pump June cover page

June 2012 - Edition 29

  • Epidemiology of HAIs: uses, pitfalls and the future
  • Seeing ourselves as others see us – videoreflexive ethnography in infection prevention and control
  • My Sister’s Keeper? HCW accountability and the ethics of compulsion in IPC
  • What would I want if I were the patient? IPC ethics & the golden
  • Risky rules – the pitfalls of rules and checklists in IPC
  • Why do we do surveillance? What to measure and how to do it
  • Personal protective equipment - does it work; who does it protect?
  • Keeping Hospitals Clean - novel systems and practical issues
  • Are surfaces and fomites a source of HAI?
  • Microbial strain typing in surveillance and outbreak investigation
  • Translating surveillance data into early warning and rapid response
  • IPC in haematology and haematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) patients – how to protect the most vulnerable patients
  • Staff Profiles - Kathy Dempsey and Jo Tallon

Edition 28

Broad Street Pump April Cover Page

April 2012 - Edition 28

  • Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization - time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectroscopy - bringing clinical microbiology into the new century?
  • MALDI-TOF MS; on-going evolution of a revolution in clinical microbiology
  • Staff Profile - Jen Kok

Edition 27

Broad Street Pump February Cover page

February 2012 - Edition 27

  • The role of plasmids in the acquisition and spread of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella Typhimurium - Jason Patterson, Sally Partridge, Jon Iredell
  • Staff profile - Peter Jelfs
  • Prospective genotyping of Salmonella Typhimurium for public health - Dr Shopna Kumari Bag
  • Molecular approaches to Salmonella serotyping and phage typing - Dr Quinning Wang
  • National Harmonization of MLVA typing scheme for Salmonella Typhimurium between Enteric Reference Laboratories in Australia - Dr Quinning Wang

2011 Editions

Edition 26

Broad Street Pump December 2011 Cover Page

December 2011 - Edition 26

  • SEIB Colloquium 2011 - Professor Tania Sorrell and Associate Professor Ben Marais
  • An outbreak of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) rapidly identified in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) using routine subtyping-based surveillance - Matthew V. N. O’Sullivan, Angie Pinto, Fei Zhou, Vitali Sintchenko, Gwendolyn L. Gilbert
  • Influenza, Wind, Humidity and Air Temperature – a survival analysis of Equine Influenza spread - Simon Firestone, Naomi Cogger, Barbara Moloney, Jenny-Ann Toribio, Michael Ward and Navneet Dhand
  • An inhaled triple antibiotic dry powder formulation for the treatment of Tuberculosis - John Chan, Kim Chan, Paul M Young, Daniela Traini
  • An exotic mosquito exploits cryptic urban habitats in southern Australia: implications for water conservation strategies and mosquito-borne disease risk - Kassim, N.F.A, Webb, C.E. and Russell R.C
  • Staff Profile - Dr Rosie Sadsad
  • PPARĪ± agonist WY14643 improves the antiviral effect of interferon
    against Hepatitis C virus - Read S.A, George J., Douglas M.W
  • Detection of Strongyloides Stercoralis in stool using the Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (Lamp) Method - MR Watts, R Lee, GS James, Y Sultana, AC Outhred, FR Kong, JR Iredell, SCA Chen

Edition 25

Broad Street Pump October 2011 Cover Page

October 2011 - Edition 25

  • Are we ready for the next biothreat? - Professor Lyn Gilbert
  • Hendra virus outbreak of 2011 - Dr Gary Muscatello
  • Staff Profile - Dr Gary Muscatello
  • Biosecurity Policy and Ethics: Australia and the Biological Weapons Convention - Associate Professor Christian Enemark

Edition 24

Broad Street Pump August 2011 Cover Page

August 2011 - Edition 24

  • Climate change and the future risks of mosquito-borne disease in Australia - Cameron Webb
  • Laboratory Diagnosis of Arboviruses - Linda Hueston
  • Staff Profile - Associate Professor Ben Marais
  • Laboratory Diagnosis of Arboviruses
  • Equine Arbovirus Outbreak of 2011 - Gary Muscatello

Edition 23

Broad Street Pump June 2011 Cover Page

June 2011 - Edition 23

  • A recent measles outbreak in Western Sydney – diagnosis and population vaccination status - Kristina Flego, Vicky Sheppeard and Kenneth McPhie

Edition 22

Broad Street Pump April 2011 Cover Page

April 2011 - Edition 22

  • Sporotrichosis - Shobini Sivagnanam and Anna Ralph

Edition 21

Broad Street Pump February 2011 Cover Page

February 2011 - Edition 21

  • One Health - an infectious disease perspective from CIDM-Public Health and the Sydney Institute for Emerging Infections and Biosecurity (SEIB) - Professor Lyn Gilbert and Professor Tania Sorrell