Have you ever thought about getting your PhD, or perhaps trying your hand at research with an MPhil, in the area of infectious diseases? Look no further! MBI has world-class academics that can help you get on your way.

  How to start your research degree
Step 1

Identify your eligibility for a research degree through the admissions requirements for a research degree:

Step 2

Develop your research ideas:  Carefully consider the subject of your research and find out if your intersts align with any academic members of staff

Alternatively, send an expression of interest email to

to get a more specific response about your research interests.
Step 3

Your expression of interest will be assessed for eligibility and you will be advised whether you meet the eligibility to proceed to a full application or whether you do not meet entry requirements.

Step 4

If you have received agreement to lodge a full application, fill out and submit the online application form: