Master of Health Security

The Master of Health Security is designed to provide students with an intellectually rigorous, interdisciplinary postgraduate program of study that is embedded within and draws extensively upon the academic disciplines of public policy, public health, medicine, law, nursing, health sciences, security studies, veterinary sciences, and agricultural studies, but will also allow students to specialise in particular thematic areas. Reflecting strong employer interests, these specialised thematic areas include human and animal biosecurity, biodefence and biosafety, and agrosecurity.

The Master of Health Security is designed to provide a pathway to professional employment in a wide array of professions, including medicine, nursing, public health, allied health, veterinary health, and agricultural health, as well as security sector employees such as customs, border control and quarantine services, government policy-makers, administrators, defence force personnel and analysts, intelligence services, scientists and laboratory technicians undertaking research with security-sensitive biological agents/select agents, and representatives from intergovernmental organisations. It also provides an opportunity for professionals in these sectors to gain advanced training to support career advancement. The degree additionally includes research options that provide a pathway to the PhD program in fields such as security studies, international relations, public health, veterinary health, and agriculture.

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