Don't just sit there ... stand up!

The health consequences of prolonged sitting.

Researchers have been aware for several decades that physical inactivity is bad for health, and that accumulating half an hour of moderate activity each day can reduce rates of diabetes, heart disease, delay the ageing process and improve mental health and wellbeing.

A very recent set of research studies has started to report on 'sitting time', especially prolonged sitting, as a new risk factor, especially for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular health. This talk will explain the scientific evidence and indicate how and why prolonged sitting is a new health concern.

This evidence suggests that sitting is a health issue, even if people are already active – in other words, even if you walked to work, or swam after work, sitting down at work all day without getting up can be hazardous to your health. In five years from now, it is possible that many offices may look quite different, especially in terms of having 'standing desks' , and fewer opportunities to be 'sitting'!

About the Speaker

Professor Adrian Bauman

Adrian Bauman is Sesquicentenary Professor of Public Health , School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia. He is an epidemiologist, public health physician, and Director of the Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC), part of the School of Public Health.

His research interests are in primary prevention, and in particular in physical activity and health, and in the new area of the health consequences of sitting time. He is well published in the scientific literature in physical activity research, and has several research grants in this area.

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