Mapping teenage minds

Wednesday 13 November 2013, 6.00-7.30pm

Professor Gin Malhi, Head of Psychiatry, Royal North Shore Hospital and Professor of Psychiatry Sydney Medical School

The teenage brain is dynamic and ever-changing and this is reflected in the exciting ideas and thinking of young people. The minds of teenagers are constantly engaged in learning across cognitive, emotional and social domains and therefore developmentally this is a critical time. Brain processes are vulnerable to environmental and biological stress and if teenagers are exposed to these during this time of rapid change the consequences can be dramatic.

My neuroscience research group has investigated the minds of teenage girls using the latest and most sophisticated functional neuroimaging techniques and we have managed to identify startling changes in the key brain regions that occur before the onset of any clinical problems. These subtle changes in how the brain works provide clues as to how and why emotional disorders emerge. This talk will be presenting cutting edge research findings and address how in the future we may be able to prevent the development of illnesses such as depression.

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