The Future of Cancer Care is (nearly) Here
There is a revolution happening in cancer treatment

Presented by Professor Michael Boyer, Chief Clinical Officer of specialist cancer institute Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Professor at Sydney Medical School, medical oncologist, specialising in lung cancer, mesothelioma and head and cancers

michael boyer

Professor Michael Boyer

Date: Monday 26th of October 2015
Time: Meet the researcher 5.30-6pm; Lecture 6-7.30pm
Venue: Sydney Nanoscience Hub - Lecture theatre 4002 (Messel)

Until relatively recently, dreams about cancer cures have historically been just that - dreams. But decades of painstaking research and dramatic advances in genetics are driving a revolution in cancer care. New treatments which avoid the sledgehammer approach of traditional chemotherapy, which instead successfully target individual cancer cells, are emerging from research laboratories and into clinics.

In this lecture, Professor Michael Boyer, discusses the brave new world of cancer treatment. From his position at the front line, literally taking research to the bedside, he outlines the new treatments, the challenges for researchers and patients, and options when there is no cure