21st Century Medicine Lecture Series 2015

Todays Research, Tomorrow's Healthcare

The future of medical research

anne kelso

26 November 2015
Presented by:Professor Anne Kelso, Chief Executive Officer, National Health and Medical Research Council

In this lecture, Professor Kelso looks at the future of Australian health and medical research, stresses, challenges, opportunities. She will discuss the environment for research competition and funding, legislative changes, and how this could affect success rates for researchers.
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The future of health care

martin bowles

2 November 2015
Presented by: Mr Martin Bowles PSM, Secretary, Department of Health

With three major reviews underway, health reform is well and truly back on the government agenda - with implications for clinicians, for health managers and academics, for medical and other students across the health disciplines embarking on their careers, and of course for individuals seeking the best possible health care and health outcomes. In this lecture, Mr Martin Bowles, Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Health, looks at the three major reform programs currently underway, and considers the future for health care.
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The future of cancer care is (nearly) here


26 October 2015
Presented by: Professor Michael Boyer, Chief Clinical Office, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Professor of Medicine, Sydney Medical School

Dreams about cancer cures have historically been just that – dreams. But decades of painstaking research and dramatic advances in genetics are driving a revolution in cancer care. New treatments which avoid the sledgehammer approach of traditional chemotherapy, which instead successfully target individual cancer cells, are emerging from research laboratories and into clinics.
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What will it take to eliminate the global TB epidemic?
Mario Raviglione

1 September 2015
Tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest communicable diseases. Dr Raviglione will provide an assessment of the global burden of tuberculosis. He will discuss the achievements during the Millenium Development Goal era and the challenges in the new post-2015 era of the sustainable development goals. Finally, he will also introduce the new End TB Strategy that aims at ending the TB epidemic by 2035 as part of a trajectory towards TB elimination, describing the research needs and defining the necessary commitments.