Talking with doctors – views from both sides

Wednesday 20 November, 6.00-7.30pm

Professor Stewart Dunn, Professor of Psychological Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital and Sydney Medical School

Doctors are trained over many years to listen to their patients in particular ways. Ways that ensure critical information is not missed. If you understand what is happening in the doctor's mind, it helps you to know what questions to ask, how to ask them and how to get the information you need.

We will explore how doctors learn to take a history, arrive at the correct diagnosis and initiate the right treatment plan. Most importantly we will examine research into how doctors deal with the emotional side of medicine, especially how they cope with people at extremely vulnerable times in their lives.

Professor Stewart Dunn has spent more than thirty years studying the relationships between doctors and their patients, how they communicate and share information and how they manage the emotional trauma involved in serious illness.

VENUE: New Law School Foyer, the University of Sydney

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