Teenagers, Technology and Mental Health

Using 21st century technology to manage anxiety, depression and substance abuse in young people

Wednesday 8 October, 6:00-7:30pm

Venue Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium, The University of Sydney

Professor Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School.
Executive Director, Brain and Mind research Institute.
Charles Perkins Centre.

As the burden of mental health disorders increases among young people in the 21st century, a major question is whether we can use new technologies to support high quality mental health care for more people at low cost. For many teenagers this might mean that such active technologies, such as smart phone apps, will replace counselling and other low-intensity interventions. The use of these technologies may assist to bring care to those who do not want to engage with traditional forms of clinical care or those who are excluded by geography, disability or socio-economic status. As the sophistication of such technologies increases, and as data linkage between systems becomes more extensive, there are real opportunities to provide sophisticated care even for those with high levels of clinical need. At a national and international level, we may then be able to track more closely the proportion of people who actually receive 21st century standard mental health care.

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