Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health

Head of Discipline
Associate Professor John Grigg
Sydney Eye Hospital

The Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health was established in 1964 and operates across two research institutions, the Save Sight Institute at the Sydney Eye Hospital and the Centre for Vision Research at the Westmead Millennium Institute, and eight of the University of Sydney clinical schools.

The Discipline has a distinguished history as a centre of excellence in the teaching of ophthalmology and research skills to:


The Save Sight Institute

The Save Sight Institute has grown to be one of the top three ophthalmic research institutes in Australia. It is internationally recognised as a centre of innovative research into ophthalmology and as a centre of excellence for clinical research, learning and teaching. Researchers at the Save Sight Institute are carrying out research in:

Anterior Eye Disease
Uveitis & Inflammatory Eye Disease
Eye Cancer
Cornea and NSW Eye Bank
Ocular Surface Repair and Reconstruction

Eye Growth & Development
Lens Development
Eye Genetics
Retinal Development

Ageing & Degeneration
Cataract & Presbyopia
Retina Cell Death & Survival

Retina & Visual Processing
Electrophysiology & Glaucoma
Visual Neuroscience
Elearning & Virtual Simulation

If you are interested in pursuing a Masters by Research or a PhD with one of the research groups at the Save Sight Institute, please follow click here for more information.

The Centre for Vision Research

The Centre for Vision Research aims to research the prevalence, incidence, risk factors and impacts of disease leading to visual and other sensory impairments in Australia. Please follow the links below to find out more about research at the centre.

Research grants
Blue Mountains Eye Study
Retinal Vascular Signs
Cataract Surgery & AMD
[Sydney Myopia Study]
Sydney Paediatric Eye Disease Study
Australian Heart Eye Study

If you are interested in pursuing a Masters by Research or a PhD at the Centre for Vision Research, please visit the education section on their website.

Medical Students

Sydney Medical Program Stage 2 and 3 students

Students in stages 2 and 3 of the Sydney Medical Program will receive a series of lectures and skills sessions in ophthalmology. Stage three students will also undertake a clinical attachment which is arranged through your clinical school.

All students must also complete an ophthalmology student log book.

Current students can use their unikey to access the ophthalmic basic science lectures online and to download the logbook.


An ophthalmology elective at the Sydney Eye Hospital is available for medical students from Sydney Medical School as well as from other Australian and international universities. Click here for more information on electives.


The Honours program is an optional program that is offered to provide research training opportunities to students enrolled in the MBBS degree. The program is undertaken concurrently with the rest of the course and allows students to develop a more complete understanding of an area of medical science or clinical medicine under the supervision of an academic member of staff or adjunct staff (e.g. staff of our hospitals who hold academic appointments with the University). Click here for more information on doing honours in ophthalmology.

Learning resources for medical students

Ophthalmology in Clinical Schools

Sydney Eye Hospital Campus

Ophthalmology is taught in the following clinical schools:

Central Clinical School

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney Eye Hospital

The Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School
The Children’s hospital at Westmead

Concord Clinical School
Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH)

Nepean Clinical School
Nepean Hospital

Northern Clinical School
Royal North Shore Hospital

School of Rural Health

Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School
Sydney Adventist Hospital

Westmead Clinical School
Westmead Hospital

Postgraduate coursework

The Discipline offers distance learning postgraduate programmes in Ophthalmic Science, Refractive Surgery and International Ophthalmology at Graduate Diploma and Masters level. For more information on these courses, please click here.

Registrar training at the Sydney Eye Hospital

The Sydney Eye Hospital and The Save Sight Institute hold an annual Registrar’s Conference in January each year.

There are also regular ‘Eye School’ lectures and teaching days/seminars for ophthalmic registrars. Please visit the Save Sight Institute website for more details on the Discipline’s registrar training.

Discipline contacts

Head of Discipline
Associate Professor John Grigg

Postgraduate Coordinator (Education)
Rebecca Stoop

T +61 2 9382 7284

Administrative Assistant
Katarina Byrne

T +61 2 9382 7599