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I would like to warmly welcome you to Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney, the first Medical School in Australasia and part of one of the top 25 biomedical universities in the world.*

The Medical School has an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research ensuring that students are equipped for rewarding and successful careers as clinicians, scientists or public health leaders.

The University of Sydney Medical Program is our flagship program. Taking out numerous teaching awards this course is licensed to universities in the UK, South Africa and the Middle East and to other universities in Australia. The Medical Program provides a unique learning environment that nurtures communication, team work and lifelong learning backed by hard evidence, essential for tomorrow’s doctors.

Our postgraduate coursework programs cover a wide range of disciplines, from Bioethics to Ophthalmic Science, from Indigenous Health Promotion to Sleep Medicine. Many programs are offered on-line or by distance and some, such as our Pain Management course, are the first of their kind in the world.

Research informs all of our teaching. Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney is associated with an impressive array of over 40 centres, institutes and foundations all working at the cutting edge of medical research. Led by the Medical School, these organizations are pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge, providing the community with the latest developments in a huge range of disciplines and providing our students with first hand access to top researchers and current research findings. Over the past three years medical researchers have received over $200 million in competitive research funding with more than a doubling in Australian competitive research grant income.

Over its 150 year history the Medical School has awarded 22,000 degrees and has provided leadership in the education of medical practitioners, public health workers and research scientists and more. Some of our alumni, like Graeme Clark, pioneer of the cochlear implant, and Gustav Nossal, world leading immunologist, are household names. Others have laboured to improve the health of their communities, recognised only by those in the local communities they serve.

We hope that you will join us as a student in one of our programs or as a staff member assisting us in reaching our research and educational objectives.

Professor Bruce Robinson

*Times Higher Education 2007

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