Selected Publications


Pressing need for more evidence to guide efforts to address substance use among young Indigenous Australians

The role of an Aboriginal women's group in meeting the high needs of clients attending outpatient aclhol and other drug treatment


The Alcohol Awareness project: community education and brief intervention in an urban Aboriginal setting

Smoking or alcohol dependence among Indigenous Australians: treatment may be needed, not just education

Translation of tobacco policy into practice in disadvantaged and marginalized subpopulations: a study of challenges and opportunities in remote Australian Indigenous communities

Developing and implementing a state-wide Aboriginal health promotion program: The process and factors influencing successful delivery


Can we measure daily tobacco consumption in remote Indigenous communities? Comparing self reported tobacco consumption with community level estimates in an Arnhem Land study

Evaluating NSW Smoke Check: a culturally specific smoking cessation training program for health professionals working in Aboriginal health


Using breath carbon monoxide to validate self-reported tobacco smoking in remote Australian Indigenous communities


Cannabis: endemic yet neglected in remote Indigenous Australia


Improving services for prevention and treatment of substance misuse for Aboriginal communities in a Sydney Area Health Service

Brief intervention: increasing access to the full range of treatment services for alcohol problems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians

Five year longitudinal study of cannabis users in three remote Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

Promising performance of a juvenile justice diversion program in remote Aboriginal communities, Northern Territory, Australia

Managing confidentiality in illicit drugs research: ethical and legal lessons from studies in remote Aboriginal communities

Wa! Ningeningma arakba akina da!: ‘Oh! Now I know, that’s it!’ Providing feedback to communities about studies of cannabis use, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Heavy cannabis use and depressive symptoms in three Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Evaluation of a community-driven preventive youth initiative in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia


An evaluation of the Groote Eylandt and Milyakburra Island Alcohol Management System. Sydney: A report produced for the Department of Justice, Northern Territory Government

High levels of cannabis use persist in Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory


Changes in cannabis use and its consequences over three years in a remote indigenous population in northern Australia