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The Sydney Addiction Seminars are a post-graduate health education series now held under the auspices of Drug Health Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and the Department of Addiction Medicine, University of Sydney. They are convened by Dr Richard Hallinan and Professor Paul Haber.


Wednesday 25th June, 2014

"What can we do for reakky severe alcohol and drug dependence”:
Update on the Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDAT) after 2 years. When is involuntary treatment appropriate, and what else can we do?

Dr Lisa Juckes is a Staff Specialist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Concord Hospital.
Lucinda Scopelliti is a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Drug Health Services, Liverpool Hospital.
Emily Walker is a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Drug Health Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

This seminar follows on our June 2011 session "The Inebriates Act". An old law and a new experiment in NSW. The seminar will be built around several case studies from addiction practice and hospital settings, and aims to illustrate the practical workings as well as the limitations of involuntary treatment, and alternative management of severe dependence.

Objectives: At the end of this seminar, the participant will be able to:
1 Show familiarity with the legal requirements for treatment under the NSW Drug and Alcohol Act (2007)
2 Demonstrate knowledge of the processes of the Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDAT) including the roles of the Involuntary Treatment Liaison Officer, the referring medical practitioner, and the Accredited Medical Practitioner =.
3 Demonstrate an informed approach to timely identification of people whose substance use disorders may warrant involuntary treatment to protect them from harm.
4 Show understanding of issue around the balance and harms of such treatment, and patient autonomy.
5 Show awareness of alternatives to involuntary treatment for people with severe dependence.

Link to suggested pre-reading: June 2011 Summary

We aim to make these seminars as interactive as possible. Please email your suggestions to for cases and questions to Richard Hallinan at


Venue: Scott Skirving Theatre, RPAH, Camperdown

6.30pm for introductions and refreshments, sessions starts at 7pm. No booking necessary, but to assist with catering please RSVP interest to or call Drug Health Services RPAH on 02 9515 6419

This seminar series attracts 2 points/hour for RACGP QA&CPD (activity number 715352).

The sessions and refreshments are again supported this year by Reckitt Benckiser, makers of buprenorphine and buprenorphine/naloxone