2006 Seminar Summaries

31st January, 2006

Drugs, Alcohol and Driving: Do we have to inform authorities about such matters?
Presenter: Dr Adam Winstock

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28th March, 2006

"Take-Aways in Opioid replacement Treatment - guidelines, safety and ethical issues."
Presenters: Prof James Bell and Prof Bob Batey

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30th May, 2006

"Centrelink in the new era: what to expect under Welfare to Work"
Presenters: Yvonne Samuel and Brian Baker

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Welfare to Work Case Studies

25th July, 2006

"A BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY AND OTHER STORIES" Dependency issues and pain management.
Presenter: Dr Bridin Murnion, Royal North Shore Hospital

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26th September, 2006

Opioid Maintenance: Back to Basics. Therapeutic lessons
Presenters: Vioxx and LAAM

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21st November, 2006

Dependency issues in gaols, juvenile justice and drug courts.
Presenters: Dr Gilbert Whitton and Sue Jeffries

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