2010 Seminar Summaries

2nd February, 2010

The Exit Strategy Part 1: Naltrexone Implants: What does the evidence tell us?
Presenter: Ross Colquhoun

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20th April, 2010

Wet Brain: Alcohol and the Brain - delirium, confabulation, amnesia, and collapse.
Presenter: Prof Paul Haber

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8th June 2010

The Other Hepatitis"- An Update on Hepatitis B Part 2
Presenter: Dr Mark Danta

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3rd August, 2010

Is pathological gambling an addiction? You bet it may or may not be!
Presenter: Prof Alex Blaszczynski

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21st September, 2010

Mentally Disordered or Mentally Ill? The NSW Mental Health Act, and how to use it in drug and alcohol settings and in community practice.
Presenters: Dr Glenys Dore & Dr Lisa Juckes


30th November, 2010

The Exit Strategy Part 2: Is there life after methadone? Presenter: Prof Nicholas Lintzeris

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