2011 Seminar Summaries

22 February 2011

"DoCS Part 1". The role of Community Services where parents use substances including tobacco and alcohol, and the obligations and responsibilities of health professionals.
Presenters: Olwyn Neil and Jeannie Minnis

Summary (PDF, 43Kb)

3 May 2011

"Pharmaceutical Services Branch and the Poisons Act": The ten most important things NSW PSB thinks we should know, and the 5 most common blunders we make.
Presenter: Phil Bannon, PSB

Summary (PDF, 39Kb)

28 June 2011

"The Inebriates Act": An old law and a new experiment in NSW. Presenters: Glenys Dore and Bob Batey

Summary (PDF, 84Kb)

23 August 2011

Viral Hepatitis Treatment Update
Presenter: Paul Haber

No summary available.

18 October 2011

Management of advanced liver disease, liver failure, and hepatoma in substance using people
Presenters: Simone Strasser and Paul Haber

Summary (PDF, 39Kb)

13 December 2011

The Exit Strategy Part 3: Therapeutic Communities
Presenters: Lynne Magor-Blatch and Garth Popple

Summary pending.